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Doctor Writer

Real Name: Unknown
Other names: Death, Walter Lee Stone, Mireplex, Gray Cloak, Writer Prime, father time, the first class novelist
First appearance: The Writer: The Anti-idols
Age: Unknown possibly old as time it self
Race: Unknown possibly a reality lord
Nationality: ALL NATIONALITY (if that's possible?)
Eyes: hazel
Hair: black
Occupations: Babysit children, attend to Universal meetings, member of the Wise Men, volunteer in hospitals, old folks home, dog pounds, explored of the universe
Hobbies: creating people's life/fate
Weakness: his past
Personality: kind, good nature, warm heart, protector, great sense of humor, nice, smart, brilliant, incredible creative
Likes: People with flaws, innocent people, creating things, golden age in film, comics, video games and tv, books and mythology, women, the mysterious woman in white, urban legends and most of all heroes
Dislikes: darkness, evil, wicket people, wars, cult of shadows, things that modern people like such as facebook
Companions: None... only the Writer and possibly Emma, however he see this "friends" within characters he created such as the Raven, Dark Omen, Scarab, [link]
family: a mother, father, 2 sisters, uncles, aunts, grandfather, 2 grandmas, an old man he called grandfather, endless cousins
Pets: dogs, and a fish name Wally
enemies: 8 people that he once called his friends
Abilities: Creating life, cause big bangs, created fate and history
Aurora: It various from any color

2001-2004: A forgotten hero, who created the Writer
2005-2008: A hooded figure that watch it all
2009-2012: a character from the real world who created the Writer universe.
2013- present: A character who has a longer story, with a boy who was bullied by 8 kids. As his spare time, he dream of become a hero, stopping bad guys and protecting those around him. He grew older and he remain friends with those kids, however... he left them to find a dark void. He created things, people, life, animals. He left that world and grew up where he met people he would later called "friends". Later after High school this unknown character would later visit that empty void as he create the Writer's universe. He finally became part of the universe as he play as Death. He wanted to be friends with people so when they die, they don't have to fear death. He watch and taken cared of all the characters in the Writer universe all except the Writer. However the cult began to pick up his trail and try to kill him. Death escape the Writer's universe and pick up a new universe where he is called the Writer. He explain to this girl who's named Emma, about his life, a lied he told that became real. In which he learn never to lied in the universe he created or else it becomes real. Death would return to his own world where the eight have taken over his home town. He face them off... and is called a hero. Then he left, where he handed over his staff to the Writer, so that he can enjoy his life but also the Writer and Emma would watch over the universe. Death would be called the first class novelist.

Fun facts:
1. The Scarf contain all the memories and stories each character he had made and including his own memories.
2. I was inspired by this [link], [link]
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