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Name: Mt. Olympus
Location: Dead center of Central Island
Type: Magic mountain
Theme music: Syrsa- Terra- Zuthayis ( [link] )

This mountain lies in the center of Central Island, the dead center of all the Olympia Islands. It's as old as the islands themselves, having been there since the islands were created. This mountain is incredibly huge, and it can be seen from all places on Central Island. The top is always obscured by clouds; the clouds of a special place called the Cloud Garden.

It is called Mt. Olympus, and is home not to the mythological Greek gods but to a Spirit who lives in the Cloud Garden at the mountain's summit.

And as for insight on said spirit...

Name: Olympic Spirit
Age: Exact age unknown, but said to have been born around 776 B.C., when the Ancient Olympic games are said to have started.
Gender: Female
Species: Spiritual Entity
Type: Guardian Spirit
Theme music: Same as Mt. Olympus (Syrsa- Terra- Zuthayis)

We can only travel so far back into history until we reach an era of eternal void. The first history of the Olympia Islands ever to be heard was the story of the Olympic Spirit. Sometime after the Ancient Olympics began, this spirit of the games found a set of uninhabited islands off in the Atlantic Ocean. Wishing for them to be populated, she brought many people to the islands, where cities were built, and ancient Greeks ruled the islands. Things were peaceful. But, the serenity only lasted for so long.

The early civilization of the Islands thrived until 393 A.D., when the Ancient Olympics were ended. Before the Spirit knew it, Shadow Creatures burst forth from the earth, and they destroyed everything in their path. Cities were wiped off the face of the earth, people were mercilessly killed, and the islands were made barren and desolate. The Spirit was the sole survivor of the incident. Looking over the now ravaged islands, she felt weak and sad. After a time, she decided she wanted to make everything right.

She traveled the world, placing many plants, animals, and other living things (creatures) from around the planet on the different islands. She made different types of environments on each island, turning the place into a miniature planet of her own. After she was finished, the Olympic Spirit created a special place on the tall central mountain, a garden in the clouds where she could live. Before departing to her Cloud Garden, she picked up five stones, infused them with her own spiritual energy, fashioned them into five rings, and cast them out into the islands. If anyone needed her, they could bring the rings to the mountain's summit and summon her. Then, she went away to her Cloud Garden, where she fell into a deep sleep for many years.

It is said that the modern Olympics came to be when the Spirit stirred in her sleep during the year 1894 A.D. She felt that a revival of sorts was soon to occur, and her stirring somehow sent a faint wave across the world that moved the heart of a man named Pierre de Coubertin to found the International Olympic committee...

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