Meet: Open Collab Picture

Sukumbarabe Activo
Gender: Female
Sexually: Straight
Species: Quekze
Age: 4000 (looks 22)
Weight: 64kg
Birth date: 18 August
Astrological Sign: Leo
Height: 177cm

Background Information:
Sukumbarabe is not from this planet. She is an alien race called the Quekze. She comes from a poor family. She is at earth because of an explosion thaty happened on her home planet.

Occupation: Assassin

Hair style: Short blue hair with a long braid in the front.

Eyes: Blue

Body: Blue

Physical Condition: Healthy

Marks, scar, tattoo: tattoo on her left arm.

Possessions, jewelry, etc: Metal eye enhancer.

Personality: Sukumbarabe is a happy and joyful person. She loves the night because people of earth can't see her. She always has a smile on her face no matter what happens. She loves her friends and appreciates everything they do for her, no matter how small the deed is.

Likes: Night, Smiling, blue, mythological stuff.

Dislikes: Day time, people that judge on appearance, sad or depressing people.

Fears: Death, going back to her home planet.

Goals: To help anyone in anyway possible.

Calypso Soul

Gender: male
Sexually: Straight
Species: Human
Age: 22
Weight: 77kg
Birth date: 4 january
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Height: 194cm

Background Information:
Calypso used to work in a supermarket. He would go in at night and stock the shelves and work long hours. He needed to get out of the hole that he had dug for himself. One day Calypso was singing while working and a man in a black suit came in and offered him a deal. He signed a contract and became a rock star.
Occupation: Rock Star

Hair style: Black side fringe.

Eyes: red

Body: tan

Physical Condition: Healthy

Marks, scar, tattoo: Small got'e

Possessions, jewelry, etc: Glasses

Personality:Calypso is a flirty kind of guy. He is a great kisser and loves the cold weather. He doesn't like children and has an equally logical and musical mind. He wants to be a rock star and is easily impressed. His favorite colour is red. He likes bugers and rock music.

Likes: Cold weather, flirting, kissing, music.

Dislikes:Children, heat, being rejected.

Fears: Rejection

Goals: Become a Rock Star!

Louise Rosett

Gender: Female
Sexually: Straight
Species: Human
Weight: 55kg
Birth date: 23 August
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Height: 171cm

Background Information:
Louise was always anti-social but her parents forced her to communicate with everyone. She got mad one day and left home. She became a traveling bounty hunter to pay for everything she needed.
Occupation: Bounty Hunter

Hair style: Long brown, side fringe, always wears a beanie.

Eyes: Brown

Body: Pale

Physical Condition: Healthy

Marks, scar, tattoo: Dragon tattoo on her stomach.
Possessions, jewelry, etc: Nose and lip piercing.

Personality: Louice is a naturally grumpy and anti-social person. She is brooding and athletic. She is a genius and loves to play guitar and draw. Her favorite colour is black and she loves cookies.

Likes: Being alone, black, reading, drawing

Dislikes:Socializing, happy-go-lucky people.

Fears: Socialization

Goals: To get rich

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