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Points to people who can draw the parallels between her and the old character of mine who I created her from.

Full Name: Kimberly Elanor Clement

Age of Death: 18

Cause of Death: Kimberly Elanor Clement drowned while on vacation in Lllandudno, Wales. Her body was never found, though it is believed to be somewhere in the nearby Penrhin Bay.

Gender: Female

Height/Weight: 5’3/100 lbs

Class: Clerk: Tailor

Personality: Kimberly is quite the socialite. She is very friendly to most anyone at first. She will alter her behavior based on how she’s treated though, and can be rather capricious in her moods. For example, while she will approach most anyone, if they ignore her, or don’t act as she expects them to (i.e. being as sunny and friendly as she’s trying to be), she’s likely to start mouthing off. She’s . She also is rather flirtatious with anything of the male persuasion, and perhaps a few of the female, though the latter would mostly come only after friendship. She also tries to hide it, but she’s rather upset by the fact she died, and can’t really move on very well. She’s half convinced that Limbo is some hallucination she suffers from only a near-death experience, but she won’t admit that to anyone. However, it might explain why she expects people to be friendly back to her.

Past Life: Kimberly was born to an upper middle class family in Scarborough during the 1850s. She was the second of two children. Her father, a prominent accountant, was constantly trying to gain more money and power, and often ignored his family in such pursuits. Her father also saw her as a pathway to such a thing, and sheltered her from the outside world in hopes that a rich client of his would think her an appropriate bride, whether for himself or a son.

Her father did spoil her quite a bit, as she was an investment of his. He made sure she dressed appropriately at all times, and even hired her a governess, to teach her poise and ettiquite, as well as the more expected academia. No person who crossed her path was not someone her father had checked the background of several times. If one wrong person crossed her path, he was afraid everything would be all for naught. As a result, Kimberly grew up sweet, but painfully spoiled and naive. She honestly believed that the world was all about her., even though she never knew of her father’s machinations. Her favorite subjects were literature and embroidery. Though her father hoped she’d never need the skill, it still gave her something to do with her hands.

Her older sibling was a brother. Compared to her, he had relative freedom. He went to a regular school, though his father did expect him to join the firm as soon as he could. He questioned the plans his father had for his sister, but he was strictly forbidden from telling her anything. Her brother hated it, and instead tried to find ways to work within the stricture of his father’s rules for Kimberly instead of breaking out of it. As she began to mature, it was no longer proper for a governess to escort her around, and Kimberly’s brother volunteered. While he was told only specific parks, he occasionally went to others, and Kimberly was never the wiser.

It was on one such spring walk in the park her brother took her to, she crossed paths with a man from one of the colonies. He worked for the East India Company as a sailor, and was born in Egypt. Somehow, the young man had left his ship and made his way around England. The young man’s dark skin interested her, having never seen anyone from the colonies, even in her schoolbooks. “Look, dear brother, I’ve never seen one like that,” she said, as she pointed at the man. He took offense, but quickly set her straight as politely as he could. She ended up asking him questions out of curiosity about what she had read. Her brother was protective, but it was the sort of event he had hoped to happen.

Kimberly and the young man made plans to meet at the park the next day and talk again. That “next day” became every day. Her brother at first continued to chaperone her at first, and got to know the man. He thought the young Egyptian to be trustworthy enough, especially as it turned out the man had a British mother and was quite Christian. His only fear evaporated, he soon gave the couple more and more space. At the same time, Kimberly became more and more enamored with the young man. She didn’t fully understand that she fell in love, but at the same time, she liked it. The young man had fallen for her as well over the few months they spent together. The young man confessed his heart to her, and said he wished to meet her father, so that he could ask for her hand in marriage. Kimberly quickly agreed. She gave her address to the young man and let her brother know. Her brother was supportive, but at the same time worried about what would happen when he did come.

The young man was denied entry, as her father knew not the name, and it would be a fairy story for anyone to act outside his desires. He believed his son to be obedient. His son never said otherwise, too scared to speak out. Kimberly felt upset at what she saw as a personal betrayal. The next day on her walk, she confronted the man. He laughed it off and said it must have been the wrong house. She insisted it wasn’t. That was how she learned about her father’s plans for her. She continued to see the young man in what she considered secret, as she usually made her way away from the park into the rest of the city, from shops to cafes. The man did much for her, and she did the same with him. The young man found a new place of employment in the city, and was no longer a sailor, even in only name.

Her favorite subject changed from embroidery to history and literature. History because of the stories the man told of his home country’s mythology, and literature for the forbidden romance that she experienced. She bestowed him favors, handkerchiefs with designs she embroidered, or various books her father bought her to feed her new interests. She loved the new world she was in, and he did too.

The falsely secret courtship lasted for another year, and he tried to meet with her father again. Again, the servants insisted that none with that name were known by anyone in the household, but Kimberly ran down to meet with him. She insisted she knew him, and asked for the young man to enter.

Her father was quite astounded that his daughter had disrespected his wishes, and had done so for a year, if the man was to be believed. The man argued his case and told his story of how he met Kimberly. He finished with the following words. “Last year, I came to ask permission for her hand, as my mother had taught me. However, I have courted Kimberly for a year now, and I am quite certain of her feelings as well as mine. There is no permission being asked, sir. I simply ask for your blessing in marriage.”

The young man took Kimberly’s hands as he spoke. He kissed one lightly after those words. Her father took Kimberly away from him and insisted she would never marry a man like him, and to get out of his house. Her father sent her to her room. He also called the police and claimed the young man was a burglar who broke into his house and stole something. The young man was captured, and used many of her gifts as evidence of theft. The man was sent away, despite Kimberly's cries.

Kimberly was heartbroken after the affair, and she was angry at her father for refusing her happiness. He tried to dote upon her and took her to the seaside resort in Llandudno to clear her mind, especially as he had found a man who was willing to introduce his son to Kimberly. The young woman, who had just turned eighteen didn’t much care. She tried to go out in the sea, but it reminded her of her lover’s former profession. She rarely went more than ankle deep. On her first attempt to go further, as she watched ships pass by, a wave pulled her into the ocean. She tried to fight it, but unable to swim, she quickly succumbed to the ocean and drowned.


-Kimberly can also be called Kim.

- She has a nasty habit of unintentionally offending people. She honestly doesn’t mean to bring harm.

- She never knew how to swim, and after her accident, she is rather unlikely to learn.

- Birthday is August 5, 1858

- She’s very confused by all this technology, as it’s beyond her wildest dreams. It’s probably the closest thing to convincing her she really is dead.

- Prefers Victorian fashion to modern, but will on occasion wear more modest designs from the late 20th and early 21st Century.

- Is addicted to sweets, especially fruit pies/tarts.

- She named her loon after her brother. Since the protective qualities remind her of the original Nikolaus



Name: Nikolaus

Level: 1

Personality: Nikolaus is highly protective of Kimberly, especially given her carefree disposition and utter denial of Limbo being anything more than a symbolic dream. He tries to keep her on task, as she often thinks she can do just about anything, and work as a tailor only when it suits her, and not in a certain schedule. He also is a cockblock the voice of reason whenever she starts flirting up a male. He will get between her and try to distract her from the task at hand. Needless to say, she often takes offense at what he does.

Kim is mine
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