Native American Stories Sketch Picture

Native American Stories Sketches, 2006

New work for Oracle Theatre. Sketch ideas after first meeting and reading of the scripts.

I've already started work on the Wolf Mask : [link]

More discription of these later...


Also check out the last project with them, 'Japanese Tales of Love and Woe':

WOLF Mask Performed
Japanese Tales Masks Performed
Japanese Tales Rod Puppets Performed
Japanese Tales Shadow Puppets Performed

Japanese Tales Puppets
Young Woman Puppet
Old Man Puppet
Old Woman/Frog Puppet
Samurai/Snake Puppet

Rod Puppet Mechanisms

Dragon King of the Sea Puppet
Dragon Puppet WIP

People Shadow Puppets
Animal Shadow Puppets

Completed Wolf Mask
Noh Masks

Completed Heita Noh Mask
Completed Ko-omote Noh Mask
Completed Doji Noh Mask
Completed Chu-jyo Noh Mask

Masks In Progress
Wolf Mask WIP

And the tutorials:

Creating Latex Puppet Hands
Creating Latex Puppet Heads


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Tantalizing all ages with mythological themes, historical accounts, fables, and literature, our
goal is to better educate the community about various cultures. And we are also in constant
search for new voices and undiscovered tales to be heard. Through new works, old stories,
and anything that embodies a full spirit, the dramatic presentations incorporate an array of
visual and audio displays with live action. As a company comprised of artists of diverse
talents, the art of collaboration is our universal dedication.
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