Caliber Picture

Denise Reinald was always different. She loved to push her body to the absolute limit, always doing dangerous and quite frankly stupid stuff, such as drag-racing. During one of her rock-climbing escapades (she typically went without a rope), she for the first time in her life fell. She expected to go splat on the ground but she found that she felt fine. She looked over herself and….wait! Was her skin cracked? She brushed away some of the splintered flesh, that in Denise’s hands felt a lot like pottery, to reveal a shiny metal beneath where her bone and muscle should be. It was then that she realized that she wasn’t on the ground at the foot of a mountain but rather on the ground facing a giant deformed giant. The giant introduced himself as Hephaestus and told Denise about the Five Ages of Man and said that he was going to create a new 6th race with Denise being a prototype. However, Hephaestus was given the order by Zeus to scrap the plan, which meant killing Denise. Using her powers, Denis smashed her way out of the lair and found herself outside of Mount Olympus, Greece. Using her new powers to get back to the U.S, Denise chose to enroll at Penance and use her powers for the betterment of mankind. She became the protégé of Porphyrion.

Denise is someone you can count on in a jam. Enthusiastic and fearless, Denise is always ready and willing to help. Her hobbies includes obsessing over Facebook and seeing what is hot on Youtube.

· Homo Superineut: Being the prototype of a race intended to inherit the Earth after the fall of the men of Iron (current humans), Denise has several powers granted to her including:

o Flight

o Superhuman Durability: Because her skin is coated with adamantine, a material resembling Iron and Silver but is the strongest metal from Greek mythology and one of the strongest materials in the universe, Denise can take anything thrown at her, whether it is gun shots or a nuclear explosion.

o Superhuman Strength: Denise is able to lift/press in excess 100 tons

o Solar Blasts: Her body absorbs all the heat from the sun and stores it in her body, which she can release as solar energy blasts.

Caliber is a measure of firearm rounds.

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