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1. Myst - This game is why I do 3D. What more is there to say? It was life changing.

2. Neil Gaiman - His movies and books paint worlds rich in imagination and vibrancy. Some how he manages to make the impossible seem natural. Every time I brush against something of his, I find myself practically vibrating with ideas.

3. Mythology & Fairytales - In every form and from every part of the globe, mythology taps into something primal in us and with it I never fail to find something new and fascinating that lights up imagination in my brain.

4. Pixar - It's Pixar, I have to explain? They are the best for good cause: they do everything right. Not just technically, but artistically. The timing, the weight, the story, lighting, the wonderful use of just enough stylization... it's all wonderful and never fails to make me want to reach higher.

5. Silent Hill - Horror at it's finest. All of the installments of this game (yes, all, you picky people) creates a feeling of isolation and hopeless terror like nothing else. The pacing and imagery hammers this nightmare into you, repulsing and fascinating as it draws you deeper.

6. Snow Skadi - I don't know this artist's real name, but that's the name on Deviant Art. They paint truly beautiful fantasy landscapes and whenever I need inspiration for a big of scenery, I always find myself looking over their art.

7. World of Warcraft - While I don't play, I can plainly see that this game has pretty well perfected the MMO. The modeling is flawlessly simple, the textures are mindblowing and hand painted, the animation is hand crafted and broad and wonderful. I could keep going but this game is just masterfully down.

8. Fool - Again I don't know this artists real name, but on DA he's known as Fool. His pixel art is amazing and anyone interested in the style should spend a few days looking over his work.

9. Tim Burton - Not just Nightmare Before Christmas, everything he does has a wonderfully innocent horror to it. His movies remind of a kids scary story, not meaning that they're childish, but rather that they have a purity to them. It's almost Spielbergian but delightfully dark at the same time. I just love it. It's so unique.

10. Walt Disney - Many artists listed Disney, but they mean the company; I mean the man. Not only was he a true visionary, shaping my industry and entertainment as we know it, but he was just... inspiring. I could list you a dozen quotes that have kept me moving through hard times. Look him up and see what I mean.

11. Ancient Maps - Okay, so I'm a cartographic nerd. I love the old maps, back when we didn't have satellites to print us out a picture. Back when they thought that California was an island and Africa was tiny. Back when monsters filled the seas and compass roses were more than a little star. They evoke a different age, one filled by possibilities.

12. Bioshock - As WoW is the best MMO, I think this is the best action type game. It gives you beautiful images and a driving story with intense gameplay. Every moment is a feast of ideas.

13. Dreams - I write down my dreams when I have a particularly vivid and interesting one. These dreams can at times alter a concept I thought was fell formed or spawn completely new ones. Dreams are an interesting chance to get a peak at your own brain.
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