Return of the Black Goblin Picture

This is a pic of a charicter I made a while back for a challange by Now that I've actually seen episodes of Naruto, I know so much more so I can expand on the charicters. I'll start off by giving more detail on my charicter The Black Goblin.

Name: The Black Goblin, (real name does not exist, see below).
Gender: Male
Age: 300+/Ageless
Shinobi Rakning: Rouge
Signiature moves: Ghost Step (can become Incorporial and can phase through walls and the ground, and can also become conpletly invisable), One with Shadows (can use shadows to teleport across distances), Master of the Goblins (The Black Goblin is bound to a legion of Golbins, Oni and other fiends from the Shadowlands, a dark realm just on the fringe of reality, and can call forth a small number of these fiends to fight for him or do other biddings), Soul Catcher (The Black Goblin can call forth a small imp when he kills a target, and sends that imp into the body of the recently slain to bring out the victums soul with it. He then bottles the soul for further use. This is used both as ultimate proof of a target's death, sinse it avoids all tricks like substatuting clones and swapping bodies, and as a dark gift for his Oni masters.), Shadow Bolt (an offensive attack that sends forth a bolt of shadowy enrgy directly from the Shadowlands, the bolt can vere and curve to strike foes that dodge out of its way, making it extreamly hard to dodge, even for the most skilled and teicky Ninja), Shadowbound (The Black Goblin is bound to the spirits of the Shadowland, having sold thme his soul. This makes him ageless, as well immune to certain effects like poison and mind attacks. It is also the source of many of his dark powers. Unlike standard Jutsus, The Black Goblin does not need to unleash hand signs to use his powers, or even concentrait that hard, merly asking the Shadowland Oni to use their powers for him. This also gives him an unbelievable amount of Chakra to power those powers, sinse he borrows from the Oni.)
Special Weapons: The Black Goblin posesses a large, two handed katana called the Deathblow, but it is curved, and resembles an Arabian Falchion. The weapon was forged by the denizans of the Shadowland. A Magical blade, the weapon can sap strength with each blow form the blade.
The Black Goblin is also skilled with Shuriken, Kunai, a Kursai-Gama and a Shortbow.
Village/County of origin: None/Unknown/Destroyed

The Black Goblin was an ancient Shinobi who dates back from the Middle Ages, back to when Shinobi clans openly compted against one another for favors for the Emperor and Feudal lords, and back before Ninja villages had to hide from the world at large. One fearsome ninja rose to great power and prestige by forming a pact with the Oni of the Shadowlands. pledging his soul and name to the powers of the Shadowland, the man became a supernatural entity of fearsome power and strength that became one of the most deadly shinobi of his age.
The Powers of the Oni granted him long life, and the Black Goblin survived throughtout the ages, adapting to the changing world arround him like the rest of the Ninja community, hiding in the shadows of society, working as an assassin for hire for the last 3 centuries, keeping in the business of money and souls.
Well, I hope that is enough of a description.
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