Atalas: Allure Diam Picture

Allure Diam from my manga series, ATALAS! ^_^

Name: Allure Diam
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 6 feet 10 inches
Weight: 102 lbs.
Hair: Golden Blond
Eyes: Gold, one is scratched and turned red from blood from a childhood event. Eventually healed.
Nationality: Estratelian, but his real father was half Estratelian, half human.
Species: Estratelian God, Lord of Destruction
Sexuality: ??? (How should I know? He's crazy, after all.)

Personality: In the beginning, he distances himself from everyone around him. However, the supposed human, Jeffrey Korrs, breaks through this barrier and becomes Allure's most cherished person. He continues to protect Jeff, even when he is revealed to be Chaos. As for other people, his reaction varies. Fake kindness to humans, wariness to family and Estratelians, and complete distrust for the demon prince, Saika Ishikawa.

Background: When eight, a man came out of nowhere, claiming to be Vogue, a long lost friend of the King's, Allure's supposed father. Allure placed complete trust in this stranger, until an incident caused the man to scratch Allure's left eye to its death. Since then, the child had become emotionally distant and refused to let people care for him. When ten, he learned the sick and twisted art of cutting his skin to ease his sorrows. This continued throughout his life, until a human convinced him to stop trying to kill himself and live for the ones he cared about the most.

Likes: Making odd foods, reading mythology, teasing Korrs family, Martial Arts

Dislikes: Estratelain King, Fathers, Life, Crime, Violence on Other People.

Specialty: Can bring the dead back to life, calms demons, and has teleportation powers that surpass all other creatures other than Chaos.

Personal sayings: "Quit trying to be like me! You'll only kill yourself in the process!!" "Survival is more than the strength of your muscles; it also depends on the strength of the will. Sadly, I have no will." "Are you really *that* stupid, Ishikawa? I know what you're after, and you can't have him!"

Ultimate goal: To prevent the end of the world caused by the Lord of chaos, Jeffrey Korrs.

Other Information: He can have flashbacks from his time about his life in Estratela, and can become very hostile and even murderous in battle. Can turn into a phoenix.

Colored Winged Version
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