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The last 4 major members of the Family, My Original Characters for *Tyshea's Wormwood Project These four are very close friends, and are all active members in most of the Families activites, but only lately. Now onto the Bio's. Going left to right we have:

Name: Duke James
Age: 17
Height: 5’9
Weight: 133 lbs
Race: Soul Eater
Grade: 12th grade (Senior)
Relatives: None
Style: Truant Model
Eyes: Black
Hair: Brown
Orientation: Heterosexual
Significant body markings: None
Favorite Classes: World History, Gym, Theology
Club(s) and Extracurricular(s): Lacrosse team
Crush/Steady: Aria (Banshee, Crush)
Likes: Having a good time, causing strife, looking out for people
Dislikes: Showing weakness, being Sad, breaking promises

Duke is a very "live in the moment" type of guy. He always does whatever he feels like, almost never planning ahead or thinking of the consequences. Within this though, Duke has a strong sense of honor and righteousness, and follows a certain set of rules he set for himself. Duke will always look after his friends before worrying about himself, and has been hurt a number of times getting in the middle of a fight he didn't start. He tries not to show weakness around anyone who put their trust in him. Duke is usually a nice guy, but every now and again he has to consume the souls of the recently deceased (or the living), which has caused some problems within the school, but he has tried to keep himself from swallowing the souls of students, though he does act very fidgety around Ghosts and spirits, though he has grown to be more in control around Trenton. Despite not being very "himself" around her, Duke has a crush on Aria , but he hasn't yet worked up the nerve to ask her out.

Name: Trenton “Trent” Raine
Age: 15
Height: 5’4
Weight: 111 lbs
Race: Shadow Man
Grade: 10th grade
Relatives: None
Nationality: American
Style: Quasi-Emo
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Orientation: Heterosexual
Significant body markings: Dotted Line tattoo around his wrists
Favorite Classes: Theology, Philosophy, Poetry
Club(s) and Extracurricular(s): None
Crush/Steady: Liana Etoile (Guardian Angel, Selected Guardian)
Likes: Being with friends, writing, being around animals
Dislikes: Emotional distress, being afraid, people laughing at him

Trenton is one of those people who are perpetually sad. But no matter how sad he becomes, Trenton always stays very calm, which is why some wonder how he got mixed up into the insanity of The Family. As is the typical fashion with his type, Trenton is a very quiet, and always sticks close to his best friends Demetri and Nellie. Trenton remains quite around crowds of students, though around small groups Trenton can carry conversations well enough. Because he was long overlooked when he first came to school, Trenton always goes out of his way to try and make friends with the more shy or lonely students. Trenton is a loner around most, but he’s really a nice guy.

Name: Eliezer “Eli” Riddick
Age: 16
Height: 5’10
Weight: 114 lbs
Race: Skin Walker
Grade: 10th grade
Relatives: None
Nationality: Middle Eastern
Style: Effeminate Socialite
Eyes: Black
Hair: Blond
Orientation: Homosexual
Significant body markings: None
Favorite Classes: Gym, Math, Chemistry
Club(s) and Extracurricular(s): Lacrosse Team
Crush/Steady: None
Likes: Meeting people, comic books, helping people
Dislikes: Being mocked, being sad, being scared

Eliezer is very careless, but he has a good heart. Eliezer is a long time friend of Duke, first being drawn to his black eyes, originally thinking Duke was a skin walker like Eli. Eli was originally a wandering spirit, cursed to forever walk the earth, but in his travels he happened upon the body of someone roughly his age. Eliezer jumped at the chance, and put himself into the body, and he's been their ever since. Because he can't actually gain any wait but still grows taller, Eliezer looks very boney and pale. Eli does try to help people when they may need it, but his somewhat unsettling appearance dissuades some from getting close to him. Every 4 to 6 months, Eli is obligated to change the skin he wears, so he often follows around death gods or reapers in that period. Eli constantly tries to cheer up Alex and Trenton, to mixed results. Eli doesn't restrict himself to any social norms, often acting or dressing however he wishes. Over that, Demetri always stays true to what he wants to do, no matter what others think.

Name: Demetri Vergo
Age: 16
Height: 5’5
Weight: 121 lbs
Race: Oracle
Grade: 10th grade
Relatives: Mary Anne Vergo (Sister, Oracle) Miranda Vergo (Cousin, Oracle) Nicole Vergo (Mother, Oracle)
Nationality: Greek
Style: Cloak and Dagger
Eyes: Unknown
Hair: Grey
Orientation: Pansexual
Significant body markings: None
Favorite Classes: French, Mythology, World History
Club(s) and Extracurricular(s): None
Crush/Steady: None
Likes: Being around his friends, reading (brail), fishing
Dislikes: Being lost, his friends being bullied, fights

Demetri is a bit... strange, which is saying a lot in Wormwood. Demetri comes from a long line of Oracle's, leading all the way back to ancient Greece, but Demetri is the first boy to actually be able to see the future. The Only problem: He's blind. Tough Demetri's precognitive abilities far outdo Alex's, the fact that he can't see it makes for some technical difficulties with what he might have seen; only being able to go by what he heard, or sometimes smelled. However, he has found a small loophole for actually "seeing" the future; When he feels that he will soon get a glimpse of the future, if Demetri is to kiss someone, then that person will see the future instead of Demetri. This has caused quite a few awkward incidents between him and other students, especially the ones who don't know who Demetri is. Trenton and Demetri always stick close to each other, Trenton acting as Demetri's eyes, leading him trough the school day without talking much. Demetri is very talkative and often can't keep secrets, But he will always do his best to help The Family's plans from going awry.

SalaDays belongs to *Tyshea
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