Charsados the Vampire: Origins 1: Mutiny Picture

Many years after the earth flooded due to a mage experimenting with water magic, half of the world's population was killed off and a lot of people had to become thieves, murderers and even pirates to survive. Some cities survived however and still floated above the waters of Old Earth. Even before the flood the world wasn't very safe, most creatures seen as non-existent in the real world could probably be found in this alternate earth. The main goal of the humans isn't to fix the flooding, but rather to survive in the new world and have peace. A lot of mythological rules in this world have changed. Example being that vampires evolve from when they are first turned when it comes to sunlight. They'd melt at first when coming into contact with it, but after becoming powerful enough, sunlight will prevent any use of their abilities but won't melt them. Making them weakened by it still.

Hundreds of years after the world flooded an pirates still roamed the sea. Scavenging what was left from the old world. Most technology was lost with the flood, forcing technology to go backwards making people go back to using swords and old fashioned pistols. Another weapon that can be used is magic, but there is only ever allowed to be one human mage existing at once, vampires and any other humanoids can have as many mages as they want, but only one human per generation is able to learn magic. The mage of the current generation watches over the world in a tower high to the North, foreseeing future events. No one knows exactly where he is located because he doesn't want to gain the attention of any troublemakers so he hidden himself away.

This is the story of a man named Charsados (pronounced "Car-sade-ost as in host"). He was captain of a pirate vessel known as "the Red Morgan" as the ship was originally owned by a man called Sarlag Morgan, who had killed many on the ship, Charsados was his distant nephew. After Charsados lost a lot of his family members to either pirates or illness, he was taken to live with his Uncle Sarlag who lived in a small, seaside town to the south known as Dead man's Solitude, it was named this as it was discovered by a man who was shipwrecked on the shore, with all of his crew dead he managed to survive off of the islands resources and by the time he was found he had built himself a home and was presumed dead by most who knew him, earning the island it's name. It had a small population of 30 people living there, but they get many visitors as the island is a good stopping point before heading to a big city to the south known as Porgilia. Sarlag raised Charsados and taught him how to fight and fend for himself against wild animals and other people. Charsados lived with his uncle from the age of 7 until the age of 19. He never thought of leaving the island and didn't want to at the time.

Warships from the city of Porgilia came down upon the island. Sarlag sent Charsados away with his friend Jonathan who was Sarlag's navigator when he traveled the seas. Sarlag send Charsados away with Jonathan while he had to look after the town's people before the ships arrived. Charsados watched through his telescope as his uncle hid away all of the other townspeople and take a stand. He put up quite a fight against the large group of soldiers before finally being shot in the leg by a man in a black jacket and a mask, he had a strange attitude about him. All of the other troops backed away from Sarlag. Sarlag began to duel with the masked man. The man didn't even put up any defense as Sarlag began slashing at him with two swords. The man didn't even seem to flinch as he was slashed by the blades. Charsados watched in horror as the man grabbed his uncle by the throat and snapped his neck.

Charsados couldn't do anything but watch as the soldiers began burning down all of the houses and began taking away people. As the island got out of view, Charsados sat against the side of the ship and finally broke down. He swore through tears that he would avenge his uncle and the rest of the dead who lay on the shores of Dead Man's Solitude.

Many years passed and Charsados caused chaos on the seas as he became a pirate and a damn good one at that. He plundered ships, raided watch posts and caused general trouble for the Porgilian Military force. But one day his crew decided to turn on him because they thought he overworked them. They stabbed Charsados in the stomach and threw him overboard to what they thought was his death and sailed away on the Red Morgan. As Charsados floated downward he thought he could make out two glowing red eyes through the water. They came closer as he faded from consciousness. He could hear them say "It isn't over yet my friend."

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