Old Ben Picture

The Black Circus

The Black Circus Series is a fictional carnival imagined by me that hosts a number of exiles, freaks, and undesirables. Old Ben, the manager of this traveling circus is responsible for providing a home to this varied collection of individuals. When Old Ben dies in a mysterious accident, his estranged grandson, Benjamin Jr., is brought in to settle his affairs. There he meets the colorful group of people that accompanied Old Ben in his final hours while he tries to solve the mystery of the one who is responsible for his grandfather’s death.

Old Ben

Benjamin Durvakian, the sixth of his name

Old Ben, Ol' Ben, Benny, Pops

History & Mythology:
Old Ben doesn't remember his life before he owned the Black Circus. His grandfather before him held the role and was passed down the ownership at the age of 20 on his deathbed. Since then he has kept the numerous oddities that composed the circus in a peaceful equilibrium with each other. Not a stranger to voodoo, magic, science, or paranormal activity, Old Ben never feared much of the dangerous beings living in his own backyard. And in turn, those beings respected the old man responsible for maintaining their home. When Old Ben dies in his bed, his last will and testament asked his grandson Benjamin Jr., now recently finished with college at New York, to come take over the circus.
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