faceless foe Picture

Okay! So, this is the Ovai, actual name Eriker Klastosk as brought up in the previous deviation. From Wickida Ovai, name after him, ironically. So, about him. He was once human, and companions with one that was chosen for a higher calling to become one of the Guardians of the Gods. Out of anger, and jealously, and a promise that him and his companion would be together forever, he brutally murdered this individual. Bringing the corpse to the base of Yggdrasil and absorbing any given power to this person, transferring to him. So he became a creature of the Gods, but twisted by the means that he still harbored psychotic part of human emotion.

When the creatures, these Druids, were created, they weren't meant to feel anything but harmony and peace, and establishing an sort of 'peaceful' world where life of species can go on. They weren't meant to intervene. Some do look like this Slender Man figure precisely, but they aren't harmful - until Ovai came about. After performing a ritual and getting his weapon, Eriker began to hunt the Druids, which to them, he was a brother of theirs, for he was the same race.

He killed some, staining his clothes red and leaving the most potent smell of blood that'd last for ages, for he did shed 'holy' blood. Few survived, some ran in a maddened state to where they were mindless version of the Ovai, killing, but still having the instinct to guard something. While one was chosen to turn and stand up to him.

Having a part of Yggdrasil with him allows him to manipulate time, and him still being part 'human', it could be his downfall. He still has a high respect for the tree, and few of the Gods. He pretty much sets out to make himself his own God. Building an army, and murdering one of what he called 'lesser beings' called Fenrir. One of Loki's son in connection to the mythology he once respected.

I could go on further, but, this should be enough.
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