Character Description: Macario Picture

Name: Macario Cosgrowe
Birthday: May 13, 2015
Theme: Better of two
Sex: Male
Sexual Preference: Unknown
Hometown: Nooyurk, Torusa

Likes: Mythology, Math, science, sour food, dogs, being read to
Dislikes: The dark
Height: 6'2''
Weight: 285 lbs.
Distinguishing features: Blond hair, Hazel eyes

Bio: Macario has blond hair like his mom and hazel eyes. Usually he wears khaki shorts and a T-shirt and Skater tennis shoes. He wears a pendant with a blood red smooth jewel bordered in gold worn on a gold chain, which he hides under his jacket. On the back it says, 'To my baby blessing, my whole world, your mother, Irene.' His name literally means 'blessed one,' though he doesn't feel very blessed. He grew up kinda too fast as he never smiles and talks like an old man saying things like, 'You think a parent would take better care of their children.' Smart-mouthed and bratty, he listens to few people unless they say something that catches his interest. He always gets in trouble in school for his smart mouth despite the fact that he is very bright. He's a leader, kids his age when led by him usually give him the nickname 'Napoleon.' It's hard for him to really make friends. Not because they don't want to be friends, but because Macario feels he can't be patient to 'little kids.'
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