Ryan Newman Picture

Ryan Newman

Real Name: Ryan M. Newman
Age: 27-40
Race: Human
Skin: white
Eyes: green
Hair: brown
Occupations: Hunter, Cryptid founder, Network member
Weakness: anything that can kill him
Personality: smart, mentor figure,
Dislikes: the undead, mean-spirited ghost,
Likes: Urban legends, myths, legends, mythology
Companions: The Writer, Ms. Emerald/Jade Green (Girlfriend), Gem/Sapphire/ Meg Stone, Jack/Daniel, Ace/Kristen, Aimee, Hao, Kyle, Shawn, Dr. Archangel, Howard Chaney
enemies: Dexter, Mad Man, The Crafter, Hayes Pain, Queen of Spade, Puppet King, Robert the doll, Lady in White of the Hollywood sign, Cult of Shadows
Abilities: Skills like a Hans or monster hunter

Original story: He was suppose to be Milo, but I change it.

New Story: Ryan is on a hunt, where he found the Writer, a scared and lost kid. He would have killed him, but he hates to kill anything that's young. Though the Writer was in a dark path, he tried to help him. At the same time the Writer pushed him away. Ryan knew the signs and try to break the darkness out of the Writer's heart. Thus Dexter was born. Though he was loose, the duo had to hunt him down. The Writer explain to Ryan about his personal demons and what let him in a fall. Ryan stay with the boy until they went to the Island of Dolls, in which The Writer advice Ryan to form a team with Hao, Kyle, Aimee, and Shawn. The team would face big foot, mothman, the crying lady, bloody marry, toxic woman and many creatures that are supernatural or paranormal. Which they learn that it's from the book of shadows.
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