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The final page of the opening 'stanza' of the first branch tales of Cymru.

While the mediaeval texts firmly establish Pwyll as being from Dyfed the location for Arawn, being only referenced as the enigmatic Annwfn, has been the subject of often heated debate.

While aspects of his character undoubtedly are drawn from spiritual sources dating back at least as far as the Bronze Age which are persevered into the Green Man/Knight myths, his opposite being Hafgan (Song of Summer), theories range from him originating from the Isle of Arran off Scotland's west coast to being from prehistoric Australasia (where bronze working first began). The latter, for the purposes of this adaptation, has been discounted purely for the fact that even by sea this journey would have taken many years.

Pendragon, drawing on legend, local folklore and archaeology, has the Cantrefi of Annwfn positioned between Salisbury Plain and Cornwall. In the Bronze age this was a rich trading centre both for it's crops and mineral wealth, the latter of which had links as far as the Keltoi of the Aegean. With it's contact with worlds beyond the 'British Isles' it adopted aspects of these cultures that were unknown and would seem wondrous to the other tribes.

This is not to say that the other theories have no merit, as previously mentioned the 'Four Branches' decant through prior oral retelling aspects of ancient spirituality and history from across Cwmreag lore.

The purpose of Pendragon is to give a reader new to the foundation of later myth and legends that were drawn from the texts a first step to exploring the rich origins of the early mythology which endures to this day in literature, art, cinema, comics/manga and console games (Tears to Tiara being a classic example).

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