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the film!

*name: melinda
*nicknames: mel, nighty/nitie, malanda (from my brother)
*age: 16 on january 13th
*hobbies: colorgaurd, computer, crew/tech, photography, drawing, writing, painting, sewing (teh pants!), cutting her hair, staring (in the nonsexual way), exploring, thinking, listening (and also to music).
*favorite bands: greenday, echo and the bunnymen, korn, googoo dolls, tatu, right said fred (lol), u2, linkin park, blink-182, nena, the pretenders, patti smith, brand new, system of a down, the killers, sarah mclachlan... and -believe it or not- more.
*favorite musicals: jesus christ superstar, grease, chicago
*drink: moon mist (fango's generic version of mountain dew)
*flowers: daisies and roses
*writers: stephan king, neil gaiman, kurt vonnegut
*photographer: man ray
*classes: photography, history, german
*games: sims 2, age of mythology, rollercoaster tycoon 2
*mp3 player: ipod mini
*camera: digital rebel
*comic books: the sandman, death, maus
*comic characters: death, delerium, nuala
*movies: donnie darko, good bye lenin, the 6th sense
*often told: "your so skinny", "your so tall", "you should be a model", "are you a vampire", "your teeth are sharp", "thanks mel, you're so kind" (from collin).
*fashion: egyptian-like makeup (when i actually do wear makeup); scoopneck shirts colors of red, black, b&w, or blue; maniputed pants; ankh necklace; moon and star necklace; b&w striped scarf (in wintertimes); top hat.... and so forth
*odd facts: born on a friday the 13th, once was quiet and always had her nose in a book... if you can believe it or not, has an "imagionary friend" who likes to do mischief, has had only one actual boyfriend but doesn't care, thinks bagy pants are the best, loves heights but hates high heels, just plain odd....
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