Anubis 'Andy' Juouzapas Picture

Name: Anubis
Adopted Father: Sabio Juouzapas
Title (A.K.A. status): god of the Underworld, Andy
Age: 16
Story: Anubis is basically the reincarnation of the Underworld's human form. Ever Generation there's one, starting with Lucifer and continuing on. Every time a new incarnation is born, he/she is born into a different belief system. In Andy's case, it was Egyptian mythology. Likewise, a heaven's human form is constantly reincarnated, starting with Adam and ending with Ra*. For the first fifteen years of his life, he lived in Egypt, revered as a sacred god. He never lived a life like normal children, he was often forced to sit a temple and listen to common folk, accepting sacrifices and starting early on his judgment duty. Months before his sixteenth birthday, a interesting man accompanied by a blond man around his age and a small silver haired girl entered his royal town.

The group saw him and asked if he was interested in going with them. The older man said that he would be taking care of expenses and that they were traveling the world. Sadly, Anubis declined the offer. However, the group that he spoke spent some time in Egypt as his sacred guests and he began to enjoy their company. The silver haired girl was constantly on his nerves, but she amused him. Although he did not admit it, he wanted to go with them. Anubis was clearly sad when the group said they had to head off but did not mention joining them; Sabio, the older man and father of the two, had a sneaky suspicion that Anubis, called Andy, was tired of his normal life and his small family helped him kidnap the Egyptian god. Although he argued with them for a long about their actions, they wouldn't listen. He continued to insist that what they had done was no no way to treat the god of the Underworld and they merely laughed, not believing him.

Sabio Juouzapas officially adopted Anubis, along with Angelo (blond boy his age), Skylit?(name pending, silver haired girl), Pika (Brazilian exorcist), Seig (summoner of the Bronx), and Lila (Naturalist) The group now lives as a family in Wyoming and are neighbors to Chet.

Power: Judgment (ability to look into a person's soul), Jackal swarm (sends a pack of Jackal's to attack offender) more to be discovered.

Character design and story (c) ~TogatosX
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