Tritan Ginmizu Picture

Well, this is Maree Ginmizu's father, Tritan. Oh, the Mighty Greek God, Tritan, is nothing compared to this. Tritan was originally king of the Sea in Greek Mythology, but in this story, he's only king of the Dark Abyss, which has shown he's more than just a tall-tale, he's something to behold and know the name of.

Name: Tritan Ginmizu
Age: 36 - 38
Status: Ruling the Abyss of Mermaids/Mermen
Personality: Tritan is a lovable oaf of a man, taking pride in knowing MJ Huwaine, but his daughter had other plans in mind for some reason. He rules the dark abyss, holding peace in the seas along the edges of their wonderful kingdom in which holds multiple homes to mermaids and mermen, but nothing seems to soothe his passion like his wife, Sylvia of the Human world who died while giving birth to Maree. Ever since her death, he seemed lonely and devoted to keeping Maree safe in his home.
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