Mahna Chriftstein Picture

Name: Mahna Chriftstein
Age (Lived Years): 84
Race: High Elf
Date of Birth: 12th October
Height: 7ft
Sibling(s): None blood related, but was thought of as something of an older brother by the young lady Aurinna Chriftstein back when he served the family
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Hobbies/Interests: Guard Captain, Part-time bartender, hunting from time to time, and is an avid reader of mythology
Favorite Colour: Purple
Favorite Foods/Drinks: A home cooked, hearty stew and a full tankard of his usual mead.
Phobias: Angry woman
Psychiatric Problems: Has had extensive damage to his mind from alchemical poisoning, yet nowadays it rarely affects him. The bigger issue is his companion, Snaggles.
Perfect Vacation: A week in a seaside hut, along with Scarlet.
Main Theme: Gov't Mule, Feat. Myles Kennedy - Done Got Wise
Fight Theme: The Defiled - Sleeper
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