Hades concept Picture

character concept for my comic series 7th Genesis. Hades is the god of death in Greek mythology. in my comic, he is one of the god of death and a member of council of underworld. Hades is the eldest child of Kronos, but he was taken out of the stomach of the titan the last, thus he have a permanent burn on the left side of his face, which left the otherwise handsome god depressed and lacking confidence. Hades carries a scepter and wore a helmet that can turn him invisible.
gender:male, but can be altered at will
Age:long lost, he lived roughly2eons,
Specie:5th race of man(olympian)
Height:can be altered at his will(normally 177cm)
weight:can be altered at his will(61kg)
Hobbies:tending to his pets(hellhounds) and his wife(Persephone) , torture souls of sinners
likes: Persephone, pets, treasures
dislikes:necromancy,people that cheats death,
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