Stone Huntress Picture

The original Artemis, maybe...?

A prehistoric archer, and her mount. This girl clearly lives an unusual life, since women were usually gatherers while men were the hunters. Maybe it's the Neanderthal in her. (She has mixed heritage, one parent a homo sapien and the other homo neanderthalensis.) Humans and Neanderthals did interbreed. And in thousands of years of a hunter-gatherer society, I'm sure *some* people must have gone against the norm for their gender.

As for the mount, I'm not quite sure if anyone ever managed to tame, ride and decorate a Macrauchenia. But again, in thousands of years of unwritten history, why not?

One of this woman's kills includes a platebeladon (a very odd prehistoric elephant). Her mount's saddle is made from Platy's jaw, and around Machy's neck are the platebeladon's two bottom teeth, and two tiny tusks.

The Stone Age is so mysterious to me...tens of thousands of years of unrecorded history. I have to wonder if many or most of our ancient legends--Biblical stories and mythological tales--originated as exaggerated versions of events from the stone age. (Like, a cave man fights a giant sloth with one eye; thousands of years later, he's Hercules, and the sloth is a cyclops...)

Makes you think.
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