Tir na nOg Picture

One day a woman called Niamh Chinn Oir came to Ireland on a beautiful white unicorn. She said to Oisin "would you like to live in Tir na nOg" . Oisin said "yes" and went to Tir na nOg on the beautiful white unicorn with Meave. In Tir na nOg nobody got old, everyone stayed their own age.

After about 300 years, Oisin was sad because he missed his family and his friends. He asked Niamh could he go back to Ireland to see them.
Niamh said "yes but do not touch the soil of Ireland or you will not come back to Tir na nOg again".

So Oisin set of on the trip to Ireland and went through the water and back to Ireland. But there was no sign of his house it was in a ruin. On the trip he saw men trying to lift a heavy stone and went to help them. He lifted the stone and threw it far away but the stone was so heavy that his saddle strap broke. Oisin went so fast to the ground that he could not stop himself from falling. He touched the soil of Ireland and turned into an old man. He went to St. Patrick and told he about Tir na nOg and the Fianna. Then Oisin fall down dead.

I did this for a contest about Irish mythology.
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