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The Nix’‘Numen

God of creation, and defence. One of the few beings could be considered untouchable, but despite this has a cowardice personality. He considers that he had the luckiest life of all the Hosts, despite growing up in foul conditions, and still adorning horrific scars physically and mentally from his childhood, that not even people from the middle ages would have had to wear. He is one of the few who has always understood Chaoses conditions, their mentalities and experiences always seeming to match in one sense or another.

Robert, despite being hunted by The Twelve like all Hosts, often finds way to escape them, fight them off, although never actually managing to kill any of The Twelve. Despite this it seems he can kill most other mortal creatures with ease, and even talk them to leaving him alone.


Often called a brother by Chaos, although technically speaking neither are related to each other. They began referring to each other as siblings after Chaos took him in to her home for a year, shortly after they both found that there sexuality's had that time would not have mixed.

Robert is one of the few to have long lasting relationships. However that does not make him any good for relationship as quoted from 5002/43 “Robert? Your going to ask him for relationship advice? Thats like asking a tree to kill his brother, and trees don’t have brothers that they can kill. The might technically speaking have a sibling but it’s not really going to be a brother, and said tree cannot kill said brother.”
“Thanks for the advice Halo, that, really doesn’t help me.”
“Ask Wotan for advice” he advised shrugging.
“No Halo, it’s your brother I want to fuck.” Wotan and relationships (6101//1)

“Looking for a new chair? A weapon? Well then Robert can make it. Why he even made this entire ship, in which we travel a magic luxury. Food? Well then your better eating dog sugar because his food tastes like food” Quote Sam.
“You, you can’t say sugar instead of shit that just sounds like something delicious and magical” Quote Robert.
Quote Sam, squint “eat the darn dog sugar then.”

“Robert Robot. It was cute but it’s so wrong. It assumes robots have no emotion, and they can be programmed to simulate them. But i’m not a robot and I get heart broken, I get so, so heart broken. I’ve watched friends murdered in front of my eyes, and not just murdered but whipped to death. Until their back, was torn and shredded so that their flesh could be seen and their veins pumping until the blood escaped and cascaded over the floor. I vowed never to make another friend, because watching a person die slowly is far more easy if your not attached to it. And I didn’t. At least not for a while. For a while, me and Sammy, she hates that name, me and Sam were just acquaintances. I mean, we did accompany each other most of the time, and sure, we went ghost hunting, and although she’d made up her mind to be my friend, I still held to that vow. It wasn’t really a promise to myself, I realise now, it was a promise to him. Then as things grew worse in the orphanage she recused me. She adopted me in to her family and I became a brother. I never said I wouldn’t be a brother, so I was. Eventually the world melted away, and we were both still alive. We traveled to new lands, or old lands. So I considered Sam my first friend. She was my best friend. We had superpowers, we thought we were going to live forever, and even despite that, we still took every precaution we could. Yet despite this, despite doing nothing wrong, we both still died. I was leaning over the ship at the time to grab her hand and pull her up. She had broke her arm again. Again, she’s fucking ridiculous. But then the Hawk Fire grabbed me and pulled me away, I could see her for a second before all went black. I fell to the ocean. And shit man, if I’d just grabbed her hand, if we had both died in the ocean we would have awoke together. Things would have been bad, they would have been really bad, but not quite as bad as waking up alone. But we didn’t, and now we haven’t seen each other in who knows how long. I’m hardly returning her save. She’s my hero. I think thats what I should feel bad about. I can’t save her even a tiny bit, and I am far too late to even offer her a hand. I’m just sad that this time I’m the one that died. You know when my friend died I vowed never to make another friend, and I could live like that. She could never live like that, at least not in the quality of life she deserves. She deserves everything, and she gets that sometimes, i’v heard the stories, but with The Twelve following her, her everything is getting destroyed and then she has to start again. I mean, how many times can you do that before you give up?”

Sebastian’s hand stroked the side of his cheek “if you say you didn’t hypnotise me to fall in love with you-”
“I swear I could never do that, there’s no point. I’m asexual, and up until you I thought I was aromantic. It was just temporary. I just needed you to forget, for your own protection” Robert said holding him tight.
“You saw me without you completely if it weren’t for the timer, would you have brought me back?”
“I’m not overly positive. But I love you. I do.”
“Why wouldn’t you have brought my back then? If you love me -”
“You looked happy. And I know I cannot give you all you want.”
“Yes you can” Sebastian put his arms on Robert shoulders and looked in to his eyes “I want diamonds. Fuck loads of diamonds”
“All you want is diamonds?” Robert asked as a a few tears escaped and he hugged him tight “you fucking idiot I can get you all the diamonds.”
“I want a giant dildo made out of diamonds too” he whispered.
“No you don’t”
“I do”
“You don’t
“I do”
“You don’t but i’ll get one for you anyway. You can show the guests it when they come and visits”
“I love you too.”
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