Iunctis Picture

Name: Markus


Gender: Male

Species: Human

Height 5 foot 11 inch

Weight 170 lb

City: Sagittario

Job: Bowman

Background: Markus is the second son of one of the many blacksmiths in Sagittario, and he never forgets it. His older brother proved to be something of a prodigy at the forge and made Markus feel like a failure anytime he put his hand to the hammer. Smithing is a huge deal in Sagittario, with Hephaestus as one of it's God kings and the economy so dependent on the iron goods created by it's many incredible smiths, but Markus's position in his brother's shadow and his own lack of self confidence led Markus to shun the smithing life. As a child he loved nothing more to hide away in the woods away from the eyes of his father and brother and feel at peace among the creatures of the forrest.
One day as he was wandering miserably through the forest wondering what would become the second son of the blacksmith he stumbled upon a strange young elf woman, barely more than a girl. The laughing elf handed Markus a bow, a few arrows, and then laughingly disappeared into the forrest again. Markus took to the bow and hunting which he could practice with no judgmental eyes peering over his shoulder, like a fish to water and soon found a place for himself providing meat for his family and pelts for his father and brother's smithing work. Markus has never seen the young elf woman again, but often wonders who she was and how she knew to help him.

Personality: Markus has always shunned the limelight in any fashion, but loves his family and is proud of his father and brother's work in the forge. He lives a split life half the time in the woods he loves, and half the time sitting quietly by the hearth at his families home. He is proud to be a part of Sagittarios and considered it the greatest of the kingdoms, but he has often thought someday he would like to see Fortis. Markus most respects Hephaestus but is most like Artemis who like himself is content being overlooked and is skilled with a bow.

Specialty: forrest craft. good with snares bows, hunting knives, and basic herb usage. Also his time hunting and his natural dislike of attention have made him very good at moving quietly and going unseen.

Familiar: None

Goal: Markus doesn't think of himself as a hero or great adventurer, but with his father's declining health he has begun considering new ways he can help support his family, at least any new ways that don't involve him going near the forge.

Other Info: although he has long outgrown the small gown given him as a child he has always modeled his new bows after the original

Since he is often out in the forrest for days at a time he has an ever changing amount of facial hair which he always shaves off when he returns home.

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