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ENTRANT NAME : Static Edge [not his birth name, but he likes this name better. he gave it to himself because he thought it fit him more. he knows his birth name but doesn't tell anyone what it is.]

NICKNAMES/TITLES : Static / General [goes mainly by his first 'name'. His title was given to him by one of the others in his band, gang, what-have-you.]

AGE : 25 or so. He lost track and doesn't really care in the long run.

OCCUPATION : General, but he's more like a gang leader. Semi-elected leader of a group of 'vigilantes' called the Hell Brigade. Other members travel with him most of the time, though they do have their own lives. The other members are Sybille, a German girl who wields a halberd; 'Clutter', a Chinese woman and a blacksmith by trade; 'Equine', a warrior from Nigeria; 'Mechanism', a man who rarely speaks and has never been seen without his armor on; and 'Kitten', a French woman who only joined the gang because of her inexplicable obsession with Mechanism. The group generally does whatever they feel like, though Static's rather odd drive for justice does lead them in a more positive direction for the most part.

FAMILY : Mother, father and sister living in Japan. Originally from England, they stowed away on a spice-trading boat and decided upon arrival they would try to make due living in Japan. The two young children adapted to the language and would translate for their parents as they worked. As such, Static speaks fluent Japanese as well as English.

BACKSTORY [strap yourselves in, gentlemen, you're about to go on a long ride]: Static was raised in a fairly normal family, despite them being out of their element for the majority of their life. When he was about four, his parents took him and his sister to stow away on a trade ship simply for the sake of exploration and desire to see the outside world. The second plague struck England shortly after. As such, they had no real reason to return to their home, so they settled in Japan. Static's rather charismatic parents had a generally positive effect on the locals and they were accepted, if half-heartedly, into the culture. The two children were taught the language and ways of the Japanese people and adapted quickly to their home.

Though Static's sister had a desire to be 'normal', he himself was very influenced by his quirkier parents and went to the beat of his own drum from the very beginning. Seeing various fights in the streets of Japan inspired him, and after not too long he decided he wanted to fight like the warriors of his new home.

He never took formal instruction or had a master, but his sharp eye and analytical mind helped him catch on to the various intricasies of the styles he witnessed and he made them his own. His first actual fight was when he was approximately ten years old against the son of a samurai who had been making fun of him for his odd European looks. Static, overly sure of himself, charged into the fight and lost miserably.

He was furious and decided he would never forgive himself for losing. He increased the intensity of his training and forced himself to be more realistic and thoughtful in battle. For five more years he never fought another person and gradually drifted away from his family, something his parents worried about but seemed to somehow understand.

During this period of training and research, Static found himself fascinated by the folklore of Japan, especially the mythology surrounding ghosts. The idea of creatures being the embodiment of people and feelings amazed him and he found himself strongly believing in their existance. Static payed homage to various shrines he stumbled across in his training and even went out of his way to purchase a set of talismans on a necklace said to attract spirits.

On his 15th birthday, Static stood in the center of the most crowded street and stood shouting for a challenge until an angry citizen came towards him and tried to shut him up. Static fought him and won, mostly due to the fact that the man was not expecting him to put up a fight. After his first victory, Static stood and repeated his earlier call for a fight, acting as if nothing had happened. He had not yet made up for his first loss in his eyes and decided he had to win against more opponents. Four more men were defeated at his hand before military action was taken to silence him. He slipped away before they could catch him and took the first boat out of Japan he found.

Static found that he lead a much happier life out of Japan and roamed the lands, never failing to train at any opportunity. He would occasionally fight for money in underground fighting rings, but generally took to flat-out thievery to keep himself in the black. He wasn't incredibly stealthy, however, and mainly stole in plain sight while relying on his incredible speed and agility to escape capture. As such, he found himself being banished or forbidden from entering certain cities and villages.

He found the other members of his team as he explored, meeting Equine first with Sybille and Mechanism joining shortly after. Clutter is a less dedicated member of the team but is a good friend of Sybille, and Kitten joined after being horribly defeated and pitied by Static. The group now travels together as either a band of brigands or a band of vigilantes, loyally following Static and his whims.

PERSONALITY : Static, to be blunt, loves himself. He is as proud of himself as is possible and is not afraid of showing it. He fights to show off, he dresses to show off, and he lives to show off. However, he only does this around people he doesn't know; among the other members of the Hell Brigade - excluding Kitten - he only acts prideful in jest. He also knows very well when enough is enough and has an incredibly militarial and serious side he turns to when the occasion calls for it. Static prefers to be lighthearded and joking, but he suddenly becomes stern if his opponent is what he would deem 'worthy' or dangerous.

Even though he's not afraid to steal or fight, he has a strong sense of justice and will not hesitate to deal it out against those he finds to be wrong. He and his gang will often make up intricate, drawn-out plots that eventually end in the utter humiliation of their victim, and when the plans come to fruition he is at his happiest.

Static isn't the most friendly individual; he'd rather prank and annoy strangers than befriend them. It takes effort to weasel one's way into his heart, and he has to be willing to accept the proffered friendship.

He believes strongly in the existance of spirits and ghosts, to the extent that the members of the Hell Brigade have started to believe they are drawn to him and that he can communicate with them. Even opponents he has faced have occasionally stated that Static's glare sends a chill down their spines, a sensation some have likened to the feeling of a ghost passing through them.

He also has an uncanny knack for accidentally shocking people when he touches them, something that amuses him to no end. It's almost like he has a permanent prank hand-buzzer to the point that his friends know never to touch him, lest they be shocked and laughed at for an excessive period of time. This trait was the reason he decided to call himself 'Static'. 'Edge' was added later simply to sound cool.

APPEARANCE : Static, born to two Caucasians, has blonde hair and light blue eyes. These features were often a target for the other children to make fun of when he was growing up in Japan and the catalyst for his first fight. He wears his hair long in the front but shorter in the back and always wears a white strip of cloth or bandage around his forehead tied in the back. He totes around a small container of blue paint which he uses to decorate his face and occasionally put a blue handprint on his chest.

Static wears an elaborately decorated happi taken from a clothesline in his home village. The back is emblazoned with both the kanji for 'spirit' and an image he likens to that of a yuki-onna. The sleeves are a light blue with a golden 'sunbeam' design on each. The garment is edged in a darker blue fabric and tied with a matching sash. Static has a habit of putting it on hastily and therefore it is often closed off-center, twisted to one side or the other. He also wear simple cloth pants in an off-white shade that he has rolled up at all times, often unevenly. He wears no shirt under his happi, but always has his arms and legs wrapped in bandages. These go from the knee or elbow all the way to his feet or palms. He never wears any kind of footwear.

The necklace of talismans he purchased is something that he wears at all times. Four talismans tied to a fairly thin strip of rawhide were explained to draw spirits to the wearer, so Static purchased it instantly. He thought stealing it might have had a bad result due to its alleged spiritual connection, so he went all out and actually purchased it. With stolen money, of course.

He also has a bag he carries with him everywhere. Within it he carries extra bandages, food, various things he's stolen or collected, and his money. He has no purse and simply casts his money into this bag at random, making it difficult to sort out. Static also owns a pair of claw-like hand weapons that he rarely uses. They stay in the bag and often scratch or cut his hands when he's rifling around in it for change.

FIGHTING STYLE [aka what you've probably been waiting for] : Static's fighting style is based mostly around his impressive speed and monkey-esque agility. His moves and attacks are almost all improvised, devised by watching others fight and forming them to fit his abilities. Due to his strong self-discipline he is very calm once seriously fighting, but if he's joking around and not really taking the battle seriously he tends to infuriate the opponent more than actually attack. He improvises almost every move he makes, giving him an edge in that he is unpredictable; however, this is a double-edged sword as he can sometimes fight himself into corners even he doesn't expect.

As for weapons, if he can get his filthy hands on one in the middle of a battle he will use it, though he is utterly untrained in the art of wielding any weapon and basically uses it as a way to keep his opponent at bay, not as a tool for attacking. Knives and swords he uses with reckless abandon, slashing without real knowledge of how to use them; staves and polearms he swings to try and swat his opponent away.

He almost always throws daggers and short knives though his aim is horrible, and the sensation caused by striking an armored foe or a solid surface with a weapon is something he is completely unused to, to the point where it is almost dehibilitating if he gets out of hand with a weapon.

He uses his speed and agility to his advantage and has a fair amount of stamina, though against an opponent wearing mild to heavy armor his blows can be shrugged off fairly easily. In these cases he generally will try to obtain his claws and hack his way through their weaker spots.

tl;dr : he's a cocky bastard with a serious side who will punch and kick you if he wants. if you're wearing armor he'll use claw weapons against you. the end.

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