Lucius, the Ithim of Chaos Picture

I've been working on a redesign of this character for a while now. I've never gotten hold of something I really liked, until a couple of days ago. After watching the Hobbit, I got inspired by Azog the defiler, which puched me over the last tiny speedbumb and voila, the new design was born!

His story has changed over time. I want to say it has chagned a little, but when I think about it, it actually altered drastically. His current tale is a followed:

"Born in the age of the 4 ithims, he has the natural power of fire. He admires and worships the 4. But his admiration has a dark side, jealousy. He travels to the Celestial Tower and infiltrates the massive structure. He wanders in the room most sacred, where the All-force is held. Hypnotized by its majesty he walks up to it . Upon touching it the All-force send through him a wave of cosmic energy, altering and enhanching Lucius' power of fire, transforming him into an Ithim.

His actions in the Temple of All [not sure about that name yet, just spitballing here] drew attention to his pressence. One of the 4, Adrianne the Ithim of Darkness took intrest in him and the two would soon form a relationship. But Adrianne was using him for her own needs using his power to corrupt the Icitians of Light into the Vecuri of Dark. Soon a conflict began between the warriors of Night and the warriors of Day, with the warriors of night led by Lucius. In the short battle Lucius lost his arm and brew a hatred for Adrianne. He returned to the Ithim of Darkness and murdered her, taking command over the army of 14 Vecuri and Mephisacri. One Vecuri, Beleth, went against him and left, along with the Gauntlet of Night.

Lucius began a war against the remaining 3 Ithims, killing them one by one and conquered the Celestial Tower. But his victory was short lived, the remaining Icitians and Beleth armed with the Continuity Cleaver and the Twilight Glove fought endlessly against his dark army, weakeing his hold over the land of Ithorvani. Lucius then absorbed a portion of the All-force into his artificial arm, turning it into a Omega-Cube [the Omega-Cubes are peices of Crystal fueled with the essance of the All-Force. They are used all over Ithorvani to provide power for cities and more. The cubes are eternally connected to the All-Force, giving them virtually limitless energy]Lucius unleashed an enormous inferno that scorched the lands, en event that became known as 'The Great Chaos' but was ultimalty defeated by Beleth and Dolumaniel.

Lucius was locked up in a prison of eternal darkness, chained in armor that feeds on his own fire, rendering him weak and the armor unbreakable. His arm was hiden far from Ithorvani and the Vecuri, so that no man or woman might use its powers for evil again. The surviving Vecuri went into hiding and the All-Force was hiden into a pocket dimension, breaking its connection to the Omega-Cubes. In the aftermath of the great chaos, the icitians took it up to themselves to rebuild the land. Some stayed in Ithorvani, but spread across the land, the others left to the corners of the world, founding their own nations.

Many eons later, a Vecuri named Lilith freed Lucius from his dark hold. Vowing to once more burn the world. Eventually reclaiming his arm and desrtoying the armor that weakens him, he faces off with Jeremy Metals, Ithim of Order. The two fight and epic battle and end up destroying eachother, only to begin a cycle of death and rebirth."

That's the basic story I have so far, it still needs some tweeking.

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