Danielus Petrauskas Picture

Name: Danielus Petrauskas

Alias/Nickname: Danny, Danni, Dan

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 21

Height: 5' 8"

Bio: When Danielus was a young teen, he had fallen in love with a girl named Elena at his school who would later begin dating him once he had finished up his education (minus college). As an eighteen year old adult, he had messed around and never managed to obtain a job. On top of that, Elena was reported to have been hit by a drunk driver, causing her to pass away on the way to the hospital.
Filled with grief and hatred, Danielus quickly sunk into a very pessimistic and unproductive attitude, making his problems with poverty and unluckiness with job applications worse, forcing him to live with his brother, Lukas. When Lukas became engaged to an American woman, plans to move and get married in America were arranged, upsetting Danielus due to his desire to stay in his homeland. Unfortunately for Danielus, things didn't really swing his way, and with his brother's new job and engagement, Danielus was forced to move to America with Lukas and his fiancee.
Upon moving to the USA, Danielus automatically decided he was going to hate his new life in the Land of the Free, though life decided to go topsy turvy on him when a drunk man waddles out of the bar and offers him a drink...

Personality: Originally a fellow with a shy spot and a sweet side, his personality decided to go way south, causing him to show primarily his most negative qualities. Danielus' changed personality easily gets onto people's nerves. He's very cocky, loud, rude, obnoxious, selfish, and flirtatious. He thinks of nobody but himself and refuses to serve or help anybody. He hates to work and can be very lazy. He also focuses only on one motive or goal at a time,
which in this case is returning to normal.

Likes: Himself, food, being lazy, not moving, backtalking to others, videogaming, defeating high scores, doing somewhat nerdy things, starbucks

Dislikes: Being an aitvaras, working, his brother's girlfriend, being forced to be a superhero, the flash game QWOP

Skills: Since his dramatic life change, he's been gifted with the powers of an aitvaras (along with the burden of protecting fairytale fauna which most people can't see). This consists of him being capable of turning into a chicken and a dragon when exposed to certain areas (Chicken=indoors, Dragon=outdoors). However, the switch between human to aitvaras isn't something he can control, but is rather spontaneous.
He also sees being a videogaming pro as another useful skill of his, but that's something people can argue with him about whether it could be even considered a skill.

Strengths: As a dragon, he's capable of the basic dragon skills that are well known in the western hemisphere (i.e. flying, firebreathing, ect.).
As a chicken, it's much easier for him to sneak through small spaces and hide from enemies.

Weaknesses: Being a dragon makes it nearly impossible for him to fit in any small places, while his chicken form disables him from flight and since his tail is always on fire, spotting him in dark places is a walk in the park.
He also has a phobia of goats due to a negative past experience he had with them at a petting zoo.


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