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So, for the past....three weeks or so, I've been working on the fullbody images for six of my OCs in preparation for a meme. And, since it's gonna be a good long while before I get the actual meme finished, I'd thought I'd at least upload this to show that I've accomplished SOMETHING.

And so, I present to you, six of my favorite original characters.
Queen Amaterasu: For hundreds upon thousands of years, Avatars from all four nations have told tales of the illustrious Queen of the Skies; her extravagant dwelling that overlooks the world from above, her unparalleled power, and the seemingly infinite well of wisdom she possesses. Residing in a palace amidst a fabled city in the sky, Amaterasu protects any and all who look to her for guidance with a kind smile and a warm heart. She is wise beyond her physical apperance and much stronger than her delicate exterior would imply. The queen has mastered the art of bending energy, something that next to no living soul has accomplished.
Avatar: The Last Airbender

Sakine Bonaventure: A member of Black Jack's Bunny Brigade by mistake, she's certainly not cut out for the life of a mobster. Sakine is shy and modest almost to the point of irritation and prefers to blend in with crowds to avoid unwanted attention. And yet, in spite of her demeanor, Sakine is a brilliant para-military strategist, with plans ranging from expert and untraceable computer hacking to full-fledged espionage information retrieval. She keeps her ideas to herself, however, for fear of proposing something that others would deem as "stupid." However, she's not entirely useless; the strap attached to her belt leads to a short machete she keeps hidden in her back pocket, just in case. Sakine admires Black Jack Williams as much as any other oppressed member of the Brigade but, of course, she'd never tell him that.
Black Jack's Bunny Brigade*

Chi: (That's right, mutha fuckahs!) Well over ten thousand years old, Chi is the prevailing queen of vampires. After being brutally murdered by her siblings for abandoning the family, she was resurrected by the blood of her grandfather, the original nosferatu, and sought vengance for the crimes committed against her. On the night she became vampire, she was coincidentally accepted as a sacrifice to the local divine diety; however, noticing that her blood was tainted, she was granted the power of shadows in order to punish those who offered a filthy sacrifice. Thousands of years later, she made a new home for herself in the city of Durem where she was officially deemed the Queen of Vampires. She protects her kind with a tough-but-fair rationale, completely opposite of the cutesy-gothic appearance she alludes to in person. Chi refuses to drink any and all blood that was not given voluntarily; "It tastes better when someone's not in overwhelming pain and agony," she claims.
Gaia Online

Kristina: A former Krimzon Guard turned renegade cat burglar, she is the finest operative the Underground has to offer, holding all of the highest records in firearms, vehicular expertise, and hand-to-hand combat. She has also demonstrated exceptional skills in a field no one has even dared to practice: swordplay. No one really knows where she came from; the only inclinations to her origins stem from a tattoo on her right shoulder of a triangle and bird hieroglyph, and a bright green emerald she wears around her neck, tucked beneath her tunic. She has established a fine working relationship with many of the important characters of Haven City's underbelly and has managed to make quite a comfortable living for herself, despite being a high-level criminal. Kristina was originally assigned to protect the Underground's newest members, a short-tempered young man named Jak and his pet ottsel, Daxter.
Jak and Daxter

Uni: Although she may not look like it, Uni is a specialized cleric of religious studies. She dedicated fifteen years of her life to understanding the mythologies and philosophical foundations of literally hundreds of different faiths and beliefs. Once her studies were completed, she decided to go against the grain. Instead of becoming a monk or a priest, Uni took up mercinary work as a means of employment, simply because it seemed far more entertaining. The hammer she holds was forged especially for her, and no other being can hope pick it up, let alone wield it, without managing to learn the powerful magic of thunder and lightening that she has mastered. Her right eye bears evidence to a curse that was put on her but, thanks to some very powerful magic, it was subdued, the only sacrifice being some "unsightly" damage.
Dungeons and Dragons

Valkyrie: Full name Valkyria Ruri. From an early age, Valkyrie was constantly teased about the unnatural thickness and apparent pattern of her tail, her reputation as a wall flower, and her difficulty towards making friends. The scars on her legs are the end result of a brutal fight she was engaged in, where her opponent slashed at her with an axe. At that point on, she decided to disregard anyone else's thoughts and opinions. As a student of the Monochromatic Academy, Valkyrie tends to keep to herself. She's an exceptional student, earning high marks and spending a majority of her free time reading. However, she has next to no friends to socialize with. When she's not maintaining her grades, Valkyrie focuses on the only real passion she has: playing the piano. Although she fails to mention it to anyone, Valkyrie was declaired a prodigy at four years old and is now hailed as a master by anyone who has had the fortune to hear her play. When asked about the Academy's headmaster, Lord Skye, she will adamently declaire that he is "as gorgeous as any fuck that has ever been given"; however, she secretly harbors affectionate feelings for Hier, the only individual she feels comfortable talking to.
Monochromatic Academy*

*Black Jack's Bunny Brigade and Monochromatic Academy are the products of
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