Artemis Picture

So... I'm submitting a character to Superheroes vs Villains roleplay ([link])

I don't know if I'll make it in, but I've been thinking about this character for a little while. Unfortunately I am not in possession of a scanner or a tablet right now -- though I will get one or the other sometime soon I hope. I've done what I can with a camera...

Anyway, wish me luck


Hero Name: Artemis

ALIAS: Shayenne “Shay” Redriver

AGE: 25

GENDER: Female


PERSONALITY: Shay or Artemis doesn't have a very heroic personality, she is pretty apathetic to the needs of others outside of costume... and well in it to, though it tends to lessen when she is playing the part of a hero and she seems to show more concern for people's well being then. More often than not she subscribes to the saying “do as I say, not as I do” when it comes to her behavior – especially her smoking. She does, however, have a secret soft side for people she has grown very attached to, though it is very rarely seen.

HISTORY: Shay was born on the desert side of Noctis, eternal day light is not a problem to her tribe of assassins. Her powers were inherited from her father who passed away before her birth, her mother a medicine woman for the nomadic people saw to it that her little girl started to master her powers before they became a problem. Shay spent most of her life traversing the desert of Noctis with her people, learning their ways and the trade of their small community. It was drilled into her that she was never to make a mistake, nor was she to grow attached to people outside of the tribe as they might someday end up as a mark and it was safer for them to have as little contact with the other planets as possible outside of work.

She obeyed the elders' simple rules for a time, taking to each assignment like a fish to water with her small team of peers and earned herself a name amongst the tribe. Shay was not entirely content with the life that had been laid out for her, she wanted to see more than faint glimpses of other worlds outside the desert; she wanted to choose her own path and explore new doorways that had opened to her since coming into adulthood. She was given such a chance when she received her first solo mission; Shay was to go to one of the big cities in Hezsc and assassinate a high ranking but crook businessman. The freedom of going alone and hunting for this man was perhaps too much – as the prospects of living in such a strange and modern world hypnotized the desert girl. After the mission she returned to her tribe and sought counsel with the elders to bid for and win her freedom; freedom was her's at one condition that should she ever wish to settle down and have a child she must return to the tribe and raise her offspring there... As this did not seem likely she accepted the condition and left her home planet.

As for her career as a hero... she kind of fell face first into that one and just kind of kept it up.

*She's one hot woman – that is to say she is warm. Artemis' power is very much linked to heat and fire, she is not clear on how her powers work though she could tell you her people's theory on the god's gift and what not... She puts it to use in a few simple ways
1.Her power is mastered through the use of her flame bow, as a skilled marksman she draws her bow with an arrow made of flame or pure heat and lets it loose on her opponents.
2.Hand to hand combat – a little trickier to pull off as it takes quite a bit of concentration for her to control the level of her power while focusing on fighting. Though she was trained as an assassin she never specialized in physical or close range fighting, finding that her reaction time seemed to be a bit slower when juggling the different parts of her mentality used for both.
3.Heating up things... her coffee goes cold? No problem! What, no matches? Also not a problem!
*She can track a quarry thanks to her training in the desert and fancies this one of her best skills
*Apathy for others!
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