Victor Reference Sheet Picture

Name: Victor Theodor DiSavani
D.O.B: August 5
Age: 27
Height: 192.90 cm (6 ft 4 in)
Weight: 81.65 kg (about 180 lbs)
Likes: oatmeal, cereal bars, painting, steak, the colour red, spring, mint chocolate ice cream
Dislikes: snow, geese, celery, math
Fun Fact: To Victor, art is just as important as the air he breathes...except when his mother scolds him for getting paint on the walls.

Victor is a prince who has somehow escaped the civil war within his kingdom by crossing from his dimension to ours.

Victor lives in a world very similar to ours. The only real difference being the use of magic and the appearances of the people and animals.

While they do look very much like us, the people of Victor's world also have certain 'animal' attributes. There are a total of 12 different nations in Victor's world. Each nation is represented by a different animal of the zodiac and the people of each nation take on certain characteristics (both physical and mental) of the animal that represents their nation.

The animal of Victor's nation is the Ox.

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