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Alright well I decided it was time to take some of my old OC's an re-do them. Hetalia has been on my brain(WW1-WW2) so I was thinking
"Hmmmm... I have some good ideas"

Representation: Sicily

Human name: Rosa Vargas.

In age, she appears to be around the ages of late teens, early twenties at max.

She has hip length reddish brown hair. Like her elder brothers, N. Italy and S. Italy, she does have a curl. Her's pertains to the left side of her head. Her skin is tanned, but only a shade or two darker than her brothers. Her eyes, are a hazel like color that, contains small flecks of a very light blue in them. Under her left eye she has a small beauty mark. Even though Sicily is currently under Italian rule, it had been under previous rule from many other nations. Some left physical impacts on her. Such has England, who's influence left her with slightly larger eyebrows. She is usually flustered due to her rather shy personality, so it is common for her to be blushing. She is somewhere between 5'4" and 5'5" in height. She is usually seen wearing an off the shoulder, above the knee length green dress, with pastels yellow sleeves belonging to a shirt beneath it, above the knee white socks, brown laced boots that zip up the side, a red ribbon tied in back around her neck, and a golden locket. The way the dress look can change between a tighter skirt to a more flowing skirt. She wears a single red bracelet on either wrist and her nails can sometimes be painted to match her flag, red and yellow. Also, her body is riddled with scars from all the fights she has been in. Most of them are on her back and stomach but a few are scattered along her arms, chest, and legs, which she tries best to hide. She does not wish to worry anyone.

Because she has been exposed to many cultures and nations in her life, her personality is almost contradictory in some aspects. Like her elder brother N. Italy, she is very friendly to almost everyone she meets. There are a few exceptions to this rule of course, this is where she is like her eldest brother S. Italy. When she has "issues" with another she is very blunt about it. She will be cold and silent, but she does not lack all compassion. So if someone she does not see eye to eye with was hurt she would help them. Similar to her old ruler Greece, she can be very lazy and relaxed, but she tries her best to work very hard before slacking off. She is a carefree and gentle person, but when matters demand it, she can be serious and push others to be the same. But normally, she is very shy and quiet. This causes her to become flustered easily so her curl can be heart-shaped most of the time. Like her brothers she loves food, pasta with tomato sauce is one of her favorites. Since she is heavily influenced by those around her, Sicily is a mash-up of many different cuisines. In particular, Sicily has a deep love for citrus fruits, its really hard for her to pick one.


S. Italy:
Sicily is closest to her eldest brother, Lovino, because she has always visited him first on her way to her other brother. Unlike Lovino, Rosa does not feel random animosity towards Spain/Antonio. Even though he helped in raising her. This could explain why he is very protective of her. This could also be because she has been used many times in the past and he does not wish for her to be treated that way. He does spoil her every once and a while but tends to hide it behind his usual "tsundere" demeanor Out of all her relations, her eldest brother may have had the biggest impact. This is why she feels guilty for trying to fight him for her independence.

N. Italy:
Though she is not as close to Feli as she is to Lovino, she still visits him daily. Unlike when visiting her eldest brother, she spends time practicing her artistic talents with Feli, such as acting, singing, drawing/painting, and even cooking. She looks up to her brother at times and at others, she tends to be embarrassed for him.

Though she and Alfred have had many spats here and there, such has when he helped the Allies take control her her home during World War II, she has grown past it. Especially, because during the time when the Mafia began moving to the United States, he did not try to force her and her brother away. She is also grateful that he allowed her to return, even after she reformed from her days in the mafia. She admires Al for being able to become his own person, since she is unable to. It is unknown how he feels towards her. She is also unsure if she feels more than friendships towards him.

Though she tries her best to forget, she does remember the time she, her eldest brother, and Cuba spent in the days of the Mafia. When they weren't forced into killing people, they had many fun times together. Though she is out of touch she tries her best to focus on the good memories.

Like many of the others, she and Francis are not on the best of terms. There are multiple stress points in their history that strain her patience for him. They have been in many fights, but she can't forget that when she was alone he did take care of her for a short period of time. So she does not ignore the poor man but she does not embrace his presence either. She tolerates him at best.

She has a long history with Spain. His culture has affected her's in a variety of ways. Food being one of them. She does not dislike him outright for no reason or randomly, like Lovino does, but she is not closest to him either. She tolerates him more than she does Francis. Which is seen when she hugs him at times and merely waves or nods curtly to Francis. She does however, supply Lovino with Tomatoes so he can attack Antonio.

Though she is shy and quiet, it is different from Canada's because she us still able to speak for herself. During her times with America she met Mattie. Though the two are supposed to "hate one another" for reasons that she is unsure of, the two get along fairly well. She enjoys the cold weathered sports he shows her because in Sicily, and even Italy, the heat is very common there so snow/ice sports are rare. She has confused him for his brother when first they met but as time passed she became able to distinguish them. He is grateful for that.

Since Feli is very close to Ludwig, she has met him before. Lovino does not approve of them and the possibility of friendship. She defies him on that and spends time with the German. Unlike her brother though, she does not hassle him about pasta, or do anything strange. Germany has noticed she is a bit more sensible than her brothers. And since she respects his desire for peace of mind he enjoys her company, even of he has work he must do. He is grateful that she fought along side his cause in WWII, though he does feel guilty that she was hurt because of it.

Being one of the original 'owners' of Sicily, she has a deep connection to Greece. Some of the culture has even shown up in her's. Usually in the food or Architecture. Because of how much time she spent with him, his laziness has been imprinted upon her for the rest of her life. But she manages to, on some days, work through the desire to slack off. She loves Greece deeply but it is more in a brotherly sense than romantically. Of course, she is sure to make point of that when the two are alone. She tries to make it sound nice but it sounds blunt at times.

Her relationship with the Brit is fairly complicated. At one point, a member or English Royalty married a Sicilian royal. The two spent quite a bit of time together. She would visit him everyday she could. She enjoyed his company and the many forms of English 'magic' he believed in. She would share stories of her wars and even the cultures adopted. It was usually Greek mythology she share. Other times it be about her volcano Etna. Because she was with him for quite some time, she acquired a taste for his cooking. She can stomach it but if she can cook instead she takes the chance. Because of her rather reserved nature, she is unaware to her feelings at times. It takes her quite some time to realize she has feelings for England only it was too late and he was gone. When next they meet he is assisting America in attacking her. She does not hold ill feelings towards him for that, only wishes she could have seen him again under better circumstances.

- she has two birthdays, the one she chooses to celebrate is on March 17. The day she joined the Italians.
- Her name, Rosa(roz-AH), is a reference to a Saint in Viterbo, Italy
- because Sicily has Europe's third largest Opera House, she has a deep love for the dramatic arts as well
- her obsession of food is impossible to narrow down, but citrus fruits are her favorite.
- she tries her best to force memories of the Mafia away because they cause nightmares for her
- she is unsure of how England feels about her
- Feli is the endearing nickname she gives her brother N. Italy

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