The Rhye Ladies Picture

Queen Marc'harit of the Fairyfolk in the Thirteen Kingdoms - Queen Marc'harit was a half wood elf half Fairy Queen who was born in the Fairy capitol of Syderia a hundred and fifty years before the Fall of the Thirteen Kingdoms. At the age of Sixteen her Father, King Farrokh XII died along with Marc'harit's older brother Kashmir. Marc'harit was crowned Queen of the Fairyfolk in the Thirteen Kingdoms. A year later, Marc'harit married Prince Ebony Morvan against her wishes. Together they had only one child Lord Dalbhi of Elves. According to the mythology of the Thirteen Kingdoms though, Marc'harit and Ebony had a daughter as well, Princess (Later Queen) Esyllt of the Fairyfolk (later of Rhye). Princess Esyllt was raised by Marc'harit and Ebony as there own, but in truth she had been found in a Holy Moon Circle deep in the Fairy Forrest as a baby by Queen Marc'harit. The Queen adopted the baby and raised her was her own. The Queen, who had always waned a daughter but had been unable of have one preferred Esyllt over her Son and named her heir to the throne instead. Marc'harit was the last Queen of the original bloodline of the Thirteen Kingdoms, stemmed from King Farrokh I to rule during a time with no war in the Thirteen Kingdoms, and her Rule has been regarded as one of the best She Ruled the Fairyfolk for a hundred and four years, Dying when she was 119, quite an average age for a half elf.

Lady Crepusculum, Fila Luna - Lady Luna, as she was most commonly known as was the daughter of the Moon. A Goddess of the Night. When she was 500 or so million years old (she is immortal) she fell in love with Lord Sol, the Son of the Sun. They had a Daughter, whom they called Filiam Fili. When Luna (The Moon) and Stella (The Sun) found out that their children had a child together the young family was banished into a land where they could never be together. Lady Luna became the Night and Darkness, overshadowed by her Mother the Moon. Lord Sol became daylight overshadowed by his Mother, the Sun. They where cursed to only collide twice in a twenty four hour period. Once as Dawn and once at Dusk. To add to their sadness, the beloved Daughter was sent down to the Realm of Many (Earth). Sol and Luna watched their daughter for all of her life. Luna had been holding her Daughter, trying to lead the Fairy Queen to that spot when Marc'harit had found the Goddess Filiam Fila. She was re-named Esyllt and raised to be a Queen. Lady Luna watched has her decedents, Esyllt, Cathryn Mab, and Sita fought the darkness of Hell, gave into their demons and died. Sometimes she would try to offer support, coming to her decedents in dreams or in flesh as a ghost nut her Children , Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren could never know they where decedent of the Moon and Sun.

Queen Esyllt of the Fairyfolk and Rhye - Queen Esyllt's name, given to her by Queen Marc'harit meant Exceptionally Beautiful. As part of the curse put on her by her grandparents the Sun and the Moon, Esyllt was not immortal. She could age, and she could die at the rate of any human. Esyllt was crowned Queen over her adoptive brother when she was thirteen. At seventeen, the Princes of twelve of the thirteen kingdoms came to visit the Beautiful Queen and ask her to be their wife. Esyllt fell in love with the Crown Prince of Rhye, Prince Arc'hantael Rhydderch. Many people felt that Esyllt and Arc'hantael only married so Esyllt could be the Crown Princess of Rhye (the largest and most important of the Thirteen Kingdoms) but letters between the couple suggest they truly where in love. Sadly, most of their Marriage was spent apart.
Three years after they married, Esyllt gave birth to the first of six children Princess Awena. There five additional children, three more daughters, Cathryn Mab, Etza and Sadh as well as twin sons Hywel and Dalziel. Only Cathryn Mab, Hywel and Dalziel survived into adult hood. When Esyllt's youngest Child, Cathryn Mab was four her Father-In-Law, King Marchello died and the family moved to Rhye. Only two years after that, Queen Marc'harit died and Esyllt decided to return to the Fairyfolk, leaving her children with her Husband to be raised in Rhye. While Esyllt was away from her children, Her daughters Awena, Etza and Sadh died, and they where burried in their mother's kingdom. Cathryn Mab became betrothed to marry the Prince of Aragorn, Prince Baliobar, who was twelve years older than her and her Husband died. In heartbreak, Esyllt did nothing when her Husbands brother took the Throne of Rhye and it was one of Esyllt's friends, Vozchik Aelhaeran who hurried Cathryn Mab, Dalziel and Hywel out of Rhye. He rushed Cathryn Man to Aragorn where she was married to Prince Balliobar at only seven. Four years after her daughter's Marriage, Esyllt dies of Heartbreak after her sons committed suicide.

Lady Queen Cathryn Mab I of Rhye, Mother of Darkness, Protector of The Thirteen Kingdoms - Mab had many named throughout her childhood. She was born as Princess Cathryn of the Fairyfolk. When she was six, She was re-named Princess Mab of Aragorn out of respect for her father-in-law to be, who had just lost his wife Queen Cathryn III of Aragorn. Mab grew up, for the most part in Rhye, until it was sacked for the first time when she was seven. Then she was rushed to Aragorn and hurredly married to Crown Prince Baliobar of Aragorn, who was twelve years her elder. Their marriage was never consummated as Mab was too young at the time of their marriage. As part of the Wedding agreement, Balliobar assembled an army of 6000 to re-claim Rhye for his wife's family. He succeeded, but died just after the final battle, leaving Mab a thirteen year old virgin widow. Throughout her childhood in Aragorn, Mab learned many skills such as archery and swordplay wand was very well learned in mathematics and could read write and speak, Egyptian, Greek, Aramaic, Hebrew, Latin, Sanskrit, Norse, Mayan, Gothic, English and the Common Tong of the Kingdoms. When she was 14, she married her late husband's brother Prince Midhyr. They where deeply in love and had been raised together since they where seven. Around the time of her Marriage to Prince Midhyr, Mab's Uncle Dalbhi over took her as Ruler of the Fairyfolk. This, in combination with the Battles after the First Fall of Rhye that had killed Prince Baliobar's death, Lead to a full-blown civil war within the Thirteen Kingdoms. Mab was not afraid to fight, and soon became known as The Warrior Queen and Protector of the Thirteen Kingdoms.
Together, Mab and Midhyr had nine children in ten years, sadly, only four of them survived into adulthood. They had four sons and five daughters. Their sons where named Kai, Breanainn, Cerwyn and Rhydwyn. Their daughters where Tangwystl, Sita, Ia Pendragon, Oanez and Cyhyreath. Only Cerwyn, Rhydwyn, Kai and Sita survived into adulthood. For the most part, Mab raised her children alone as her husband was living in the Aciant Palace of Ebony Hold along the Aragorn Border so he could be closer to his homeland in case of attack. The separation lead to the construction of the Green Tunnel, which lead from the Aryan Palace at the center of Rhye where Mab was raising her children to Ebony Hold.
When Mab was 25, and her youngest child was only four months old the War took a turn for the worst and Mab and Midhyr discussed sending their Children away from the Thirteen Kingdoms to the independent state of Maurya. Unfortunately, before the plans could be fully arranged, The Siege of Rhye Begin, Which eventually lead to the Second Fall of Rhye. After four months of being held in Rhye with no fresh food or water, The Great Slaughter began at Dusk on Mab's 26th birthday. The only known survivors of The Great Slaughter where Lord Seaghdh Ea Glyndwr of Aragorn (who was one of King Midhyr's best friends) who managed to escape with the Princes Kai, Cerwyn and Rhyderwyn to Maurya and Lord Philip Aelhaeran, son of the Grand Lord Who had aided in Mab's escape from Rhye twenty years before, Escaped to the Safe Haven of Rachada, another Independent Kingdom with the Princess Sita, whom he later married.
Mab and Midyr died together in the Grand Hall of Ebony Hold, there fingers interlaced and there bodies rotted to bone and their bone turned to dust together.

Lady Sita Aelhaeran of Rhye, Queen of Darkness, Daughter of Aragorn and Rhye - Sita had few memories of Rhye and it was a wonder she even Managed to escape. Lord Philip Aelhaeran was only ten, and a squire to King Midhyr, when he'd noticed the army coming toward Rhye. Without thinking he ran down the Green Tunnel to warn his Godmother, Queen Mab. He ran into her in the tunnel and she handed him her two-year old daughter Sita telling him "Aryan Palace had been reduced to Ruble, there are no survivors but Sita and Myself. The Army Follows quickly. I will not survive this night Philip. Take Sita, take a horse, go to Rachada" Philip followed his Queen's orders and found himself in shock and disbelief when he found himself alive and well with the Princess in Rachada three days later. He did not know that Sita and himself had traveled with the protection of the Sun and the Moon, Sita's Great Grandparents.
Sita grew up knowing she was the rightful Queen of Rhye and the Thirteen Kingdoms and knowing that one day she would re-claim her lands. She dabbled in Dark, Forbidden Magic. When she was twelve, she married Lord Philip Aelhaeran despite the wishes of her Guardian, Lady Awen of Rachada. With the assistance of a Dead Army, Sita reclaimed the Thirteen Kingdoms in her families name. However, through her Dark Magic she met and Fell in love with Prince Varden, the Vampire Prince. To be with him, Sita killed her husband in cold blood. Her Great-Grandmother, The moon, could see that Sita's heart was only Darkness. Knowing the Holy Bloodline would die with Sita, as would the Bloodline of the Original King, Lady Luna killed her Great Granddaughter to prevent the horror that would destroy the world. So that the memory would forever be forgotten, Lord Sol, Sita's Great-grandfather, erased the Memory of the Thirteen Kingdoms, returning the world to a blank slate.
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