AB: LusciousPussey Picture

Username: LusciousPussey (Goes by L.P.)
Age: 13
Gender: Male in-game, female outside
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 68kg

LEVEL***: 13

Species: Sphinx
Class: Medic

• His magic staff shaped like the Ankh! (Which is the Egyptian symbol for Eternal Life) Excellent for healing and revivification... also excellent for smacking people on the head if they get to close.
• The player herself!

Born to the name Octavia and wow was she a fun loving kid. Gaming wasn't a major part of her life, though. She started playing mostly because her older brother, Octavius, played it and she thought it'd be fun to join him! She loved playing with him after all! Their small age gap made it easier for them to hang out and grow attached. Though, she had lots of other things to deal with such as hippie parents and their vegan ways, her siblings, and the equivalent of the North Pole in America, Alaska! Wow, did she miss the sunny plains of Spain. Plus, she had things like being the chess champion and playing in the school Orchestra to worry about!

While her brother created a female persona, she decided it'd be fun to play a guy. Most of her time was spent laughing at her brother and foiling some of his female persona trolling... though sometimes they backfired on her as well. She had so much fun laughing at her brother's hilarious antics. As a medic, she worked with her brother to beat up the enemies and stuff. Octavius was a Berserker, so with a pocket medic by his side, you can say it was really annoying to try and defeat the duo.

When the world became this game that she played for just leisure, well, she wasn’t too happy. It was all fun and games when locked in a computer screen, but now, real lives were in danger, and she didn’t want that. She’s just a young girl stuck in an adult world, and she was scared. Sure, she had her beloved brother by her side, but that only helped numb her fear slightly with someone by her side. Plus, a penis was not something to enjoy.

She missed home, and her parents, and her dog, and her chess mates! She just wants to go back home...

Even if it's in the freezing plains of Alaska.

She's an obnoxious brat, really. A young kid who always wants her way, but usually can't have it. She's sort of mean from time to time and tries to act as if she's better, but most often than not, gets trumped by whoever she's trying to insult. She does fumble a bit on her words, and she's actually quite friendly! But it takes quite a bit to get through her I'M BETTER THAN YOU attitude at first... okay, maybe not that much. Maybe a bit of bacon and some kindness would suffice.

Likes/Dislikes: (Optional)
• Her brother
• BACON is good too (thanks to her brother...)
• Chess
• Cello

• YOU.... no just kidding 8)
• Losing 8(
• WHEN PEOPLE DIE.... but she's a medic so fuck the rules 8)

Fun Facts!:
• Brother who pulled her into the game!! [link]
• She's wearing a schenti, not a skirt.
• Plays the banjo and the cello!
• Also known as Octogirl
• Seriously LusciousPussey was a horrid name......
• People who knew her in game probably thought she was a srsbsns player... NOPE she's just a little kid in a big man's body!
• There are no shorts under that schenti
• Terrible sight while she's flying, truly.


Making this in advanced so I'm ready if the applications open while I'm in the UK.......
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