Eden: Dorian Picture

Applying for the teacher position! It's ridiculous how much I already love this boy :'D
Changed his last name, because the fact that I unknowingly named him after a book was bugging me OTL

Name: Dorian Garner

Alias / Nickname: Dory

Age: 23

Species: Akhlut

In Inuit mythology, an Akhlut is a spirit that takes the form of both a wolf and an orca

Height: 5'10 (177.8 cm)

Seme/Seke/Uke: Seke

Sadism/Masochism: Both, but would lean more toward sadism

-Well organized
-Excellent memory
-Fast swimmer
-Holding his breath for long periods of time

Wealth: Goose egg (nothing)

-Quiet places
-The ocean/ Any large body of water
-Soft sand
-Educated debates
-Reading about something in a book, and then actually seeing/ experiencing it

-Loud noises
-Heavy clothing (or clothes in general)
-Violence/ Getting hurt
-Uneducated people
-Yelling/ Fighting

Dorian is normally very calm and composed, someone who would prefer to listen rather than speak. That isn't to say he never talks; when given a topic, he has no shortage of things to say. He is also very confident about how smart he actually is, so much so that you that you could probably call him cocky. Dorian is a strong thinker, often getting lost in his own thoughts and accidentally ignoring the person he is currently with. Due to his upbringing, he hates getting his hands dirty, both literally and figuratively. He would much rather use his wits and intelligence to get someone else to do something. Dorian's social skills are mediocre at best, with the male often unsure of what to do whenever he meets anyone new. However, those few friends that he does manage to make, he will hold on to them as long as possible. He is very submissive when it comes to arguing or fighting, almost always admitting defeat just to avoid any sort of confrontation.

Dorian was discovered as a pup, his small body sprawled out in a tide pool on one of the beaches in England. He was found by a marine biologist, the man eagerly taking the boy back home with him to study and examine the strange creature. He was taken in, and essentially raised in captivity. The man was absolutely baffled by Dorian's odd appearance and genetic makeup, determined to find out what exactly he had evolved from.

Dorian was subject to a myriad of tests throughout his adolescence, always eager to help out his 'papa'. While growing up, he had access to all of the books he could ever possibly want, always eager to learn something new about the world. He did his very best to try and learn about himself, reading up on a number of different biological and evolutionary theories that might have lead to the answer of his species. 'Papa' was able to distinguish a number of different animal DNA structures within Dorian's genetic material, including traces of a number of different wolf and porpoise species. But with the two animals on such opposite ends of the spectrum, there was no was for such a reproduction to happen naturally. Dory wasn't meant to exist.

Despite the fact that Dorian's existence was essentially a mistake, he still threw himself into his studies, reading every possible book, article, or essay that could possibly give him any sort of answer. Charles Darwin and Jean-Baptiste Lamarck both had no answers, although Gregor Mendel's study of punnet squares did give Dorian some ideas for a few experiments. Rupert Sheldrake's study of morphic resonance had actually seemed like a possibility at one point, but there was no way to prove his theory was correct without any creatures like him. Dorian had exhausted all of his options, eventually deciding to give up on figuring himself out altogether.

He decided to literally run away from his problems, leaving behind his pampered lifestyle and going off to the ocean. His body was made for swimming, why not give the aquatic life a try? While the idea seemed valid in the beginning, Dorian learned the hard way that he had no idea how to live on his own. Catching a meal was almost impossible with zero hunting experience, and trying to not be eaten by other predators became a daily occurrence. With no real destination, he simply followed the tides, finally stumbling across the island of Eden. Tired and malnourished, Dorian was ecstatic to finally find civilization. After a week of proper bed rest and three square meals a day, he asked if there would be any way to repay the master for his kindness. Upon finding out just how much he knew about genetics and biology, he was offered a teaching position on the island.

Classes: None; teaches Biology/ Zoology/ Botany

-Rather than being 'tagged' like most wild animals, Dorian was given full sleeve tattoos on both of his arms so as to easily identify him
-Has a slight English accent
-Has two piercings on each ear
-He still doesn't quite know what species of animal he is, and will identify as an orca if asked
-Bruises easily
-Because of how often he goes swimming, he tends to wear very little clothing
-He knows random/ useless information about practically everything, and secretly loves to show off how much he knows
-Super virgin (never been kissed
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