Little Demon Goat Picture

Yeah another one for digimon!
Here we have, Rotcoltmon. A virus, nightmare soldier, type digimon and one of the three eggs Voidmon cursed. Partially just to get the horrified looks of the human and to add more pawns to his ever growing army. Similar to the other two eggs chosen, his ever life data has been twisted and infected; For Pyscodermon is was insanity, with the second egg (currently unknown) came rage, and he received the curse of death...
Name: Rotcoltmon.
Name Origins: Rot (English. To decay) Colt (Another name for a young male horse)
Type: Virus
Ancestors: Nightmare soldiers. Death crawlers. Demons
Height: 3ft 2in (not including horns)
Weight: 78 lbs
Personality: Vile....cruel a master manipulator. Though misunderstood and insane. Those are the qualities he was forced to have ever since Voidmon marked his egg before he even hatched. Inside he wants to be cautious, noticed by others inside of given the cold shoulder. To be given pity and care, and to hopefully find compassion.
Previous/Future Evolutions: Fresh: Plagumon. (English- Plague. Meaning an outbreak of disease) [Ball of Shadows]
In-training: Decamon. (Decatrate. ) [Fuzzball. Sad look on his face. Little stubs for horns. Attacks; Murky Mist. (Blows a cloud of mist from his mouth. Use to distract and confused enemies)
Champion: Sorrylianmon. Origin: Sorry- (To apologize.) Stallion. (English- Name for an adult male horse) [Walks on 4 legs. Flared fur, and thin body build. 1 broken horn.] Attacks: Scissor Clipper. Greedy Fire. Grinding Split Horn. Rageful Bleet.
Ultimate: Goregoatmon. Origin: From the words gore and goat. [A corpse-like being. Soulless. Wide smile] Attacks: Blade Horn. Screaming Soul Specter. Bone Tripwire. Death Breath.
Mega: Shrewdsatyrmon- Shrewdsatyrmon Hyper Mode. Origin: Shrewd( English. Being aware, or having striking mental sharpness. ) Satyr. (Greek mythology. A goat-man. ) Attacks: Eternal Knockout. Netherworld Orb. Deceased Respiration. Nightmare Reaper's, Haunting Command of Battle!
Description: He constantly carries with him the smell of rotten flesh. Killing anything alive he touches, and scattering all chance of friendship. This caused his little heart to turn dark and cold. As years went by, the digital world came int the clutches of Voidmon. He accidentally tumbled into the shadow zone: meeting up with a band of "hero" digimon. Many hurtful comment/insults later, Rotcoltmon snapped....deleting every last Knightmon. Seeing the pure rage, and anger from the little goat; Voidmon took him under his wing. Finally feeling noticed he climbed up the ranks as his army's top general.
Attacks: Corpse- fresh Scent. (Takes in a sharp breath. Then exhales, and the smell of a dozen rotting corpses escape his mouth. Mindling with bacteria that can cause his foe dizziness, extreme nausea, and even make them black out.)
Demon Hoof. (A red aura forms over his hooves. He can deliver a strong blow by either going a front somersault, clipping his target with his feet. Or by countering with an uppercut)
Ram Smash! ( Black energy streaks his thick horns. Rotcoltmon then gives a bleat of anger, charging full force. With this charge, it is strong enough to break bricks.)
*Important Note. For a later plot in story. Spoilers* Rotcoltmon practically gives up trying when Nightmarevoidmon (Ultimate form of Voidmon) launches his assault on Earth. Being rejected and sent to a random sorry spot in a city. With each passing day, the dark lord and his forces gain more ground. Even erasing parts of earth. During this time watching the quarrel, a brother and sister pair meet up with him. After much dispute, Rotcoltmon eventually becomes friends with them. Receiving love and partnership.They are named Alex and Summer Wheaton.
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: 5ft 5in
Weight: 106 lbs
Grade: 9th
Personality: A smart boy who does his best to keep good grades. Watchful of his little sister. He's protective, but not too much. Giving her care when she needs it, fun when she wants it, and becoming serious in times of learning. He gives advice to Vincent on how he doesn't have to keep hovering other Victoria all the time.
Clothing Style: White graphic tee. Red and black shoes, grey jeans. Slightly spiky brown hair (to match his amber eyes) and a baseball cap. Red banded gloves.
Likes: Football. Video games. Geograph/biology. Helping out as best he can.
Dislikes: A stick in the mud. Hotdogs. Algebra.
Dream: Scientist.
Age: 7
Gender: Female
Height: 3ft 11in
Weight: 98.4 lbs
Grade: 2nd
Personality: Innocent and caring. She firmly believes in the faith that everyone deserves love and a second chance. No matter who they are, or what they have done. Slightly cheeky, and accident-prone.
Clothing Style: Overall with a pink flower on the front. Flipflops. Wears a pair of blue,green, and pink colored (triangle pattern) elbow-high gloves. Finger less. Flower hair band. Has light blue eyes and rich brown hair.
Likes: Making cookies. Spending time with her brother. Rotcoltmon. (Gives him nicknames such as 'Colty', 'RC', and "Little Rotty"
Dislikes: People picking on her. Rotcoltmon doubting himself. Voidmon.
Ales and Summer both share a red and brown D-scanner, having their own crest. Summer's has The Crest of Belief. (The pinkish one down in the corner.) With Alex's being the Crest of Duty. {No pun intended} (The golden one)

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