Argus Peacock Picture

Another character on the Black Mist's team in We Who Fight Monsters.

Name: Argus Peacock, The Sharpshooting Watcher

Alias: Daniel Fletcher

Gender: Male

Age: 256

Time of joining The Black Mist's Knights: September 11th, 1777

Current Occupation when off duty as a knight: Information Broker, Forger of Documents, sniper for hire, hacker, critic of adult films.

Birthplace: Boston

Hair color: In Knight form, blue. In human form, black.

Eye color: Green

Skin color: Blue-green in Knight form, white in human form.

Height: 5'10"

Weapons: claws, eye beams, limitless ammo, modified flintlock pistols, and his "Abigail," a musket that can shoot a very powerful laser beam.

- Can spy on people by sending one or more of his eyes to a specific location, or through an image of an eye. If he uses his actual eyes, if they are poked he will feel pain.
-Can see in all directions, much like the mythological Argus.
-Can create and control peacocks out of light to attack an enemy while he is safe in his home/office
-Excellent Marksman, able to hit targets up to 100 feet away due to over 2 1/2 centuries of practice.

Personality: Argus is a sarcastic, rude, and a perv. He seems to not like anything except watching beautiful adult women, including his own boss (doing so tends to also get his eyes poked from all sides, however, he always believes it is worth the pain). He also hates being nicknamed, and really hates the nicknames his coworkers have given him: Peeping Danny, Captain Peacock, Multi-eyed Perv, and "Shrodingers repeat visitor."

While he rarely enjoys doing field missions, if a job he is assigned is related to protecting his country, he will do a complete 180 and actually work quickly and efficiently on that job. However, if someone messes with either his "free time" or the descendants of his sister, he will strike out on his own, find the unfortunate fool who pissed him off, and then use his musket to snipe them, or if he has to leave them alive, torment them with the energy peacocks popping in and out of sight. Despite his attitude though, he seems to remain loyal to his boss, and actually downright hates betrayal, mainly due to what happened to him shortly before he joined the Black Mist.

Contract Conditions: "Let me... let me be able to watch over my sister and her descendants, and get back at that traitor Zachariah... and I'll do whatever you want me to..."

"You wish to protect those you leave behind, and also revenge? Becareful not to let one blind you from the other in the future. In any event, I accept the conditions you have presented to me, and also, agree that we now have a contract."

Hobbies: Practicing his aim, spying on people, watching adult films, and abusing his spying ability by watching women in the changing rooms of various stores all over the world.

History: Argus was born as Daniel Fletcher in Boston on April 9th, 1757. Growing up alongside his younger sister, Abigail, he learned how to hunt from his father, and also displayed a talent for hitting a target. Of course, growing up during the reign of King George the third was no picnic, as when the years passed by, he grew to resent the British, especially after the Boston Massacre. Having watched the whole event from the store where a bookseller by the name of Henry Knox worked. When the massacre was investigated, Daniel happily told what he witnessed and smiled as he watched Captain Preston and the eight soldiers he led get arrested, but when they were acquitted and branded on their thumbs with a hot iron the then thirteen year old was mostly satisfied with the punishment, though he did want the soldier who caused his friend Samuel Maverick to die to suffer a bit more. Unfortunately, he was forbidden from doing anything by his father, who told him that the men had enough suffering thanks to the guilt their actions had probably caused.

Three years after the massacre, an sixteen year old Daniel went out on the night of December 16th, 1773, before finding a spot on the docks that was out of sight, and watched the Sons of Liberty throw tea into the Harbor, before they finished their act, Daniel left and returned home, deciding to keep that event to himself whether an investigation was carried out or not. When the Revolutionary War began however, the now 18 year old young man quickly joined what would become the Continental Army, and fought in the Siege of Boston, helping turn the tide with his skills in shooting. After the british left after the months long siege, Daniel continued to help the fight for the Revolution, his ability with a musket and flintlock pistols helping him take out the opposing British, and during the campaigns of the war, met and befriended a fellow soldier named Zachariah.

Then in 1777, the battle of Brandywine Creek happened. Daniel and Zach were preparing a surprise attack, when Daniel noticed that his friend wasn't even attempting at hiding. When he pointed this out to him, Zach seemed to blow off the advice and lazily move away. When Daniel, feeling something wasn't right about this at all asked Zach what was up, he was told that Zach was worried about dying that day, and that the revolution as a whole was doomed to failure. Daniel however, argued that the states would indeed win Liberty and that when he returns home to his family, Daniel will feel like a hero for helping win the war. Unfortunately, when Daniel turned around to return to his post, he was shot in the back by Zachriah, the last thing he heard before his "friend" ran off was that the crown will win, and that he would enjoy seeing the revolution fail. As Daniel lay on the ground, dying, he was soon met with the shadow known as The Black Mist, who told him she was impressed with his skill, and seeing his love for his country, felt it was a shame for him to be betrayed like this, and offered him a second chance to help his country from a distance, and in exchange, she would allow Daniel to have whatever he wanted in return. At the time, he could only think of two things: His younger sister, and revenge on his traitorous friend. Forming the contract as his human body died, the reborn Argus Peacock helped the Americans from within the mirror world, sending mysterious messages and also toying with the heads of the british soldiers by letting them catch "glimpses" of his monstrous form in their reflections. It wasn't much, but Argus felt he was helping in some way in the end.

When the war was over, he decided to watch over his sister, though when she caught on, he told her through the mirror that he was "Working for heaven and had to stay close to earth in order to fight against evil, and as a price, he would not be able to go through the gates and see her when she died. Once the ten years were up though, and he was able to cross between the mirror realm and the normal world, he would visit his sister once a year on her birthday, though his excuse for that was that he had convinced his fellow guardian angels to allow them a chance to visit and watch over those that they admired most, but the ones they visited could never tell anyone about them, or else there would be trouble. It was during one of these visits that Argus soon met an aged Zachariah, who had decided to try and court Abigail, before making her suffer and killing her like he had done her brother. Argus, wanting his sister to be safe, decided to scare his murderer, haunting him in mirrors, and also driving him insane until he confessed to Abigail what he had done. Abigail, sensibly rejected Zach and sent him away, while Argus decided to get one last shot with Zach, and waited until the man was alone before sneaking into his home and shooting him in the back with a flintlock. Before he left the man's house, Argus then decided to forge a letter in the deadman's handwriting explaining his crimes and what he planned to do before "Daniel's spectre" started haunting him. When Zach was found the following morning, the question of who shot him had never been solved by the locals.

In the time that passed after that, Argus worked for the Black Mist Queen, watching over Abigail and her descendants while also being sure not to be a perv for her female descendants, while also helping his country however he could... except for the Civil War, that period of history being a heavily conflicted one for him. Besides that, he helped fight in both World Wars, mainly in Europe to avoid conflict with the Japanese Knight, Guardian, while for Korea, and Vietnam, the multi-eyed man simply stood back and watched under the Black Mist's orders, despite wanting to help however he could.

Currently, Argus is living in Boston when he's not called to the Mirror Realm, dealing as an informant, a forger of documents due to having a long time of practice at it, hacking files for companies, governments all over the world and trolls who go to far, and also criticizes adult films, mainly due to having used his ability to see all that could be done in a bedroom. Though, with Kylie Hitsugaya joining the Knights, Argus has lately been getting quite a few headaches from her peppy, hotblooded attitude.

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