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My first attempt to get into a RP Group~ Please, don't mind if I change her a bit in my drawings... My way of drawing changes almost everytime TTvTT.
TT~TT I wasn't accepted this time.... Going to make some changes for the next opening... Please, If you read my info below and think that something is too heavy, or that it can lead to misunderstoods, let me know...
... Combo Lock closed... TT~TT.... I'm going to try other groups...

Character Info:

Freya Midgard








“Hahaha… Looks like you aren't lucky today…”
“Even so... It's all right... 'He' still accepts me”
“Yay~ I love it~!”
“You touched my things... I’ll cut these hands of yours off…”

A bit sadistic and stubborn, she’ll always fight violently to get what she wants and will do what she wants once she gets it, like making him do the things that she doesn't want to do herself or just buying her some things (if it’s a living being and, principally, a male). What is hers she won’t give to anyone. Tends to be a bit sarcastic or fierce to those she doesn’t like. But, when it comes to men, thinks it’s better to act cute to attract them (orjust for fun, or to make them do something for her). Even if she doesn't like some men, she will try her best to attract them (because of her pride as a woman).

*Cutting weapons
*People that buy everything that she wants for her
*Her older twin brother (although it's a secret kept from him)

*Annoying people
*Her things being stolen

Freya was born in the limbo circle with her older twin brother, Freyr. She was always with him eating fruits.
One day, when she was looking for Freyr to have dinner, she got lost. Freya, who was hungry, wandered off until the time she went into the greed circle. Then an unknown man showed up and gave her a piece of meat. It was incredibly delicious. He told her to follow him, leading her to a big house. “From now on you'll be my "daughter". Everything in this house will be in your care, since I have to pass down my house and everything that is mine so that it won't be stolen and since I don't plan to any freedoom to you. So you won't have the right to go out of this situation never again. I'll teach you what you need to know to be a fine and greedy daughter” He saved her life. How would she refuse him?
Several months passed by. Her older brother, who was searching for her, finally got into the greed circle. When he met her, he was surprised. Freya was completely different from before. She seemed to enjoy the presence of rich men that could buy everything that she asked, her eyes were cold and she didn’t truly smile anymore. He followed her until her house and found out a man that was welcoming her back while cleaning the place. Freya was looking if he did, or not, a good job by slipping her fingers on the table. She made a delighted expression. Freyr knocked in the door. She opened it and, as long as she saw him, she told him to never appear in front of her again with a burning anger showing on her face, because she discovered her “true-self” and didn’t want him to interfere with her life.
Freya was happy now that she discovered the greed side of her and didn’t want someone to steal the happiness from her. Because it was HER greedy happiness.
Even when the years passed by, she just ran away from Freyr’s visits, going as far as she could from him, looking for some quiet place to stay for the time being, until the time she had an idea: Why not make him the same as the others? He wanted so much to stay with her… Then, like the others, she locked him up in her house to never let him go as long as he lives. Serving her by the rest of their lifes was his punishment.
Well... She was not that angry with him... The fact is that she was happy for having him by her side... And, in her thoughts, making him stay by her side forever was the only way to share her "happiness" with him, even if she has to take his freedom as well.

*Her name is inspired in a goddess of the norse mythology.
*She is often seen with Freyr in their house.
*She hides her claws inside her gloves

Contract Availability:

*White Nightmare – She becomes a wolf with ice paws and horns. Where she goes will become ice until a certain limit, letting her surroundings very cold and sllipery.
*Brutal Freeze – She'll break the ice of the path that she created, throwing ice stakes to the enemy. The stakes will get colder and colder and may, or not (if you are lucky), freeze the part inflicted.


*Health: 100
*Magic: 75
*Attack: 150
*Defense: 25
*Speed: 150

Battling Style:
She actually likes to directly attack her opponent. If she feels that she's in extreme danger, or if she just want to, she'll use her power "White Nightmare" to attack with ice, or just to run away faster. If it's a man, she'll try to attract, deceive and damage him.

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