Ink ref Picture

wooo first CPOC~ .3. (lazytodrawsawandeyeagainsojustcutthemoutandaddedthemhere)
CP name: Ink
real name: Elliott thomas
birth: 16/10/1996
sign: Virgo (the virgin horoscope)
Nationality: third japanese,third american and a third greek
race/species: Ink/oil monster(now),human(before)
occupation: creepypasta (duh)
age: 19
height: 6'5
weight: skinny as fuck
voice: Like Allen's voice from D grey man
eyecolor: bright red(now),bright hazel(before)
relatives: parents(deceased),older sister maddie(deceased),older brother(deceased)
lovestatus: gay and SINGLE LIKE A PRINGLE AND READY TO MINGLE //shot
personality: emotional,depressed,dark,kind,calm,murderous,pessimistic,gentle
vehicle: haha nope
pasttimes: eating,drawing,sleeping,writing,reading,killing
likes: dark creepy things,twisted art,heavymetal music,voodoo dolls,food,horror books,survival videogames,Game of Thrones,Jon Snow/Edward stark/Daenerys targaryen,mythology,winter,rain
dislikes: bright happy things,cheery art,pop music,normal dolls,romance/comedy books,most shooters videogames,summer,sunlight,reality,most other creepypastas
powers: oil/ink,immortality
weapons: saw,ink-poisoned fulled-syringes
strengths: stealth,speed,hearing,eyesight,ink/oil
weakness: water,strength,aviodant personality disorder,despression,proditiophobia
bio: Ink was just some average kid until he admitted he was gay at 12,which lead to him getting hated by his homophobic family and town except his older sister Maddie.being also someone who liked dark punk clothing then regular clothes,arts and music then sports,him being also gay in a homophobic town where if you were one bit different they'd trashed and abuse you like your no importance at all.this lead for Ink to get constantly abused,verbally and psyhically, by his family,town and school.thought things couldn't go worse? when he was 16 he forced into going to a party by his older brother, which caused Ink to get raped by some Jock,getting kicked after that and they felt him in a bush to die,and all of this was planned by his,of course,older brother and when Ink was able to get back to the hell-hole he called home,he got even further abused after his brother lied to his parents about what happened.not being able to handle the pain anymore,he drank a can of REAL oil(not the cooking or cleansing one),capsles of ink and finally split his throat with a knife.His sister maddie witnessed him on the floor 10 minutes after and rushed to call 911,where they took him to the hopistal but were unable to save him.Maddie,being the only one who cared a crapton for Ink, tried every way to bring him back from the dead.when she was about to give up,a mysterious doctor came along and agreed to be him back free of charge which Maddie gladly accepted the offer.after 3 days,Ink was brought back..but with some 'minor' differences..those differences were that he was unnaturally pale,His eyes turned bright red,his blood mixed in with the oil and ink,his black hair had gone completely white with some lines of blavk and red highlights in it,his killswitch got burned up thus making him immortal,the split mark on his throat will stay there with the blood,he will have black crying marks and will leak aka cry black ink-like blood at random and be able to freely use oil or ink as a weapon and freely turn in and out of it,but hes alive. once properly awakening from the surgery to bring him back,he was completely outraged by his sister,knowing that now everyone will just hate him more and that things will get worse and he started strangling her asking "why didnt she just let him die"until she died from air loss.completely umgrieved by her death,he stole a saw from the 'mysterious doctor'(he didnt mind) and murdered his whole family and town in cold blood,each of the them having a slow and painful death then leaving..
* themesong is "welcome to my life - simple plan"
* refuses to kill homosexuals and emos/scenes/goths (for he is and was one of them)
* phrases are "Dont" or "why didnt you let me die"
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