Vlad III Dracula revision Picture

Here's an update to an older pic I did years back. a revision of the Sagaverse version of Dracula, the legendary killer and Vampire.

like with a lot of things I've done for the Saga and will be doing, I've put in an absurd amount of research into making the characters feel real and making the setting feel lived in and immersive.

for Dracula, I did a lot of research into the history and mythology surrounding Vlad III Dracula, who was the basis for Bram Stoker's Dracula(well, part of it anyway), and went through a long and hard process of finding ways to avoid the stereotypes and other imaginings of Dracula, and to change the character a bit and add to him.

the big prerequisite for this imagining of Dracula was, "what would someone like that be like? what would someone like him with centuries of experience be like?" its the same question they asked in Highlander, but I decided to take that further.

As a result, I envisioned a Dracula, who was like a mix between James Bond and Captain Jack Sparrow; a mix between sophistication and culture(with a hint of slight sociopathy and amoralism) and wild eccentricity, danger and quirky personality traits.

This is the result of that blending of concepts.

For those who wonder, Dracula's clothing in this picture, is based on the Arnie dress shirt for Men, available and sold by Hammer Made, in Edina, MN, and a custom pair of dress pants from Turnbull and Asser, that belongs to a set of fitted dress clothing. What can I say? He likes to dress stylish and less like a douchebag.


Saga Character: *WARNING: Absurdly huge chara description

We all know him, or at least we think we do. For those of us who think we know, we are dreadfully wrong, and for those of us, who are closer to the truth, have only uncovered the tip of the iceberg.

He is the Dark Prince, as He is fearfully known among Mortals, Vampires and the rest of the supernatural community. He is Vlad III the Impaler, Vlad Tsepesh, Vladisaus Basarab Draculea III Voivode of Wallachaia, The Kazilki Bey(The Impaler Prince), Drakuyla, or simply Dracula.

He is NOT a Count of Transylvania, nor is He a sensual and seductive creature of the Night. He is far from being a bloodthirsty, mindless predator, and He is NOT The King of Vampires, nor the First, among his Kind.

He is, however, among the Most Feared of his Kind. Because He has consumed the Essence of several hundred Elder Vampires over the course of history, He is much more powerful than most Vampires his Age. He is mainly feared, for his efficiency as a Killer, and His near-unkillable state of existence.

He is the Father of both the Corvinus and Florescu Dhampyr Bloodlines, Their Progenitors, Alyukard Corvinus and Saschya Florescu, are the eldest Son and Daughter of Dracula, after He became a Full-Fledged Vampire. In the Sagaverse, Dracula, was born a Dhampyr; His Father Vlad II Dracul, was born a Vampire, and Vlad III was born a Dhampyr; since his Mother, was a Mortal Woman.

Because of his heritage, Dracula was known for being remarkably hard to kill for a Man. Many time His enemies struck and tried to cut him down, and Many times, He rose back up and slew his enemies. The stories of him Impaling hundreds of thousands upon iron spikes and butchering them, was no mere exaggeration. He did so, in order to bring order and civility, to his country, and to show his enemies, that He was not messing around and the seriousness of what He sought to do.

His death, as a Dhampyr, was misleading; propaganda created by his enemies, to make their accomplishment of slaying him, as a Dhampyr, more amazing and incredible. He was slain by someone He trusted, back-stabbed literally during combat, and died later of blood loss.

Because of the resourcefulness of one of his aides, He was able to rise later as a full-fledged Vampire, and in time, took down his enemies; who believed him to be dead(They decapitated a Vlad look-a-like, a standard stand-in for Men in Power, and a very common tactic; and presented the look-a-like's head to the Sultan in Istanbul, who declared that Vlad was dead.)

Though He is known as the Impaler, Dracula was and still is proficient with various types of weapons. Among his preferences, is the Spear(for obvious reasons), The Flail, The Axe, and The Sword. In the course of his existence, which has spanned two millennia, Dracula has traveled far and wide, and has mastered various fighting styles and such, among various other disciplines, and has acquire vast amounts of money and resources.

Like many smart and flexible Elders and Ancients, Dracula has adapted to the changing centuries, and has done much to keep himself occupied. He has changed with the fashions and the trends, and the cultures and mannerisms, and has become acquainted with all forms of technology and modernization; in order to stave off the madness that comes with such a long existence.

Because of the length and breadth of his Undead Existence, He has witnessed many great and wonderful things, and many atrocities as well. In the 31st Century of the Saga and in the times before that, after the Great Awakening in 2012; Vlad has been a prominent lecturer and scholar of the changing times, and a philosophical debater, over the greater and endangering actions of Humans.

Call Him a Monster, if you dare; but look into the Mirror, and You'll realize, that you're not any different than He is.
At least He is at peace with what he is. and that makes him all the more dangerous.

All Saga Characters, Weapon Designs and Associated Concepts and the Like, are (c) property of me, Arc Fhynix
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