Magical Teens Picture

Trying to submit some of the sketches I've drawn over the past couple of months to reassure people that I'm alive actively drawing. A lot of my drawings are based on recent RPs with ~Prismshard, so that means a lot of cute OC doodles.

So yea, this is totally Prism's fault. Thanks to her revived Sailor Moon addiction, she wanted to try another magical girl RP. Sadly we suck at roleplaying magical/fantasy settings and creatures, but Hell, we tried anyways!

BASICALLY there are two worlds, human world and fay world. The rare times the two worlds interact (called "collisions"), it is possible for a person to cross worlds; however, they will be trapped there if the collision closes. Since they are rare and random, a person could be stuck in a different world for years or a lifetime.

People can become a magical boy/girl in two ways [well, three since I fudged it a little].
1) Find a magical object/artifact and have it fuse to your body
2) Have the magical power bestowed upon you by a Fay
3) Be a Fay by birth and develop such powers through magical and spiritual training [my "method"]

Main story idea and magical methods ideas of ~Prismshard Any mistakes are my own.

ANYWAYS, the drawings

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