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Kamoho Poseidon


• Earth-Shaker
• Kamohoalii
• Lord of the Oceans
• The Great Shark God
Poseidon Soter (Poseidon, Savior of sailors)
• Supreme Master of the Waves
Poseidon Taureos (Poseidon the Bull of the sea)
• Moai Head
• Divine Paternal Retribution Incarnate
Poseidon Asphaleios (Poseidon, Averter of Earthquakes)
• Jaws Supremos
Poseidon Enosichthon (Poseidon Earth-Shaker)
• Rageful Avenger of His Children
• Drowner of the Wicked
• Great Crusher
• Canoe Tipper
• Tectonic plate mover
• God of Sailors
Poseidon Seischthon (Poseidon Earth-Shaker)
• Kalahiki
• The Devoted and Doting Father God
Poseidon Ennosigaios (Poseidon Earth-Shaker)
• The Great Paternal Figure
• Rage of the Oceans
• The Shark Horse God
Poseidon Hippios (Poseidon Tamer of Horses)
• Brother of Zeus
• Second son of Cronus


Known by many names, Kamoho Poseidon is the most powerful water governing Æsar in the Zenith Pantheon. He is in charge of the other water governing Gods. He came to his position after the Titanomachy. Many mortal myths state that he was eaten alive by his father, Cronus, and later freed by his brother Zeus when the latter decided to unite the Gods and usurp the tyrannical Titans. The actual truth of the primordial war and Poseidon's involvement however was not as simple as that. Unfortunately the truth was lost to the ages for most mortal civilizations. What can be agreed upon however is that Poseidon did ally with Zeus during the war and was a great asset.

Kamoho Poseidon is renowned for a multitude of powers, most of which involve water in one way or another. His most famous power however is the one that earned of the epithet of "Earth-Shaker" and the various other similar ones, the power to create earthquakes. By physical hitting the ground, such as punching or stomping it, he can create tremors. The magnitude of these can be adjusted by Poseidon so that they can range from simple shaking to devastating off the scale disasters. Despite its destructive nature though, this power also allows Poseidon to stop earthquakes whether he created them or not. Simply by touching the ground, he can completely stop a quake in the middle of its track.

While creating and stopping quakes is the basic application of Poseidon's power, the range he can apply this is great. By applying it to the seafloor, he can create tsunamis that can be several meters high. By applying a little more physical pressure than what he usually does when hitting the ground, he can make earth jump straight out of the ground. By applying much more than that, he can make the very tectonic plates rise up. By applying a severe lot more than that, he can crack a whole planet like an egg. Poseidon's power also is not limited to the very ground. It also works on any solid surface. If Poseidon hits a steel building with this power for example, the building will break from the immense pressure. If Poseidon hits a normal person with this, the person will either feel completely disoriented or pop like a firecracker depending on whether Poseidon is merciful or not. The power can also be applied to an extent to non-solid substances, such as air and water, as well. The effect is lessened due to the far off molecules but is nontheless still powerful. The power can also affect the very fabric of space itself if Poseidon exerts enough pressure, though not to the extent of other more powerful space movers such as Atlas. Because of this power, Poseidon is both feared and respected especially considering since this power is also reliant on Poseidon's emotions, something that he isn't famous for controlling.

Kamoho Poseidon is the type who isn't exactly emotionally stable. Sure, he is usually a calm friendly type of guy anyone can approach most of the time. In fact, you can say he can be the type anyone can easily get along with if they play their cards right. However whenever something extremely tragic happens, like say a close friend is hurt by an enemy for example, Poseidon completely loses it and goes on a rampage. He goes completely wild until either the problem is solved or he destroys it himself. He loses all forms of reason and doesn't care who gets in his way. And since his earthquake power as well as others are reliant on his emotions, his rampages have caused all sorts of natural disasters. Many countries have thus been hurt both intentionally and unintentionally because of this. As a result many of the other Gods have either tried to calm Poseidon down as much as possible whenever he loses it, or in extreme cases, pass down divine laws that force him to limit what power he can exert.

If he's not angry over a tragic event, Poseidon is usually completely sadden by it. He goes into a complete state of shock and sorrow at either how he's completely powerless to do anything despite being an all powerful immortal God, or how he's completely responsible for the tragedy. The latter is actually more common due to the nature of things. When he's like this, he completely abandons all of his Godly duties in order to wallow in his sorrow. As a result, a lot of things don't get done and become backlogged. While this may sound more acceptable than him going on a rampage, it's not especially considering that Poseidon has a lot of responsibilities in the universe as a top member of the Zenith Pantheon. It's only when he eventually gets out of his wallow of self pity that things can run again.

Because of Poseidon's emotionally instability and the consequences that happen whenever he loses it, many cite this being the main reason why his brother Zeus is the head of the Zenith Pantheon instead of Poseidon. By all accounts, Poseidon should be the head for several factors. Poseidon is technically more powerful than Zeus. He has powers much more closer to that of a Titan. He is also much more trustworthy than Zeus due to him wearing his reasons more clearer than Zeus. But most of all, Poseidon is Zeus' older brother. That fact alone should entitle Poseidon of having a position higher than his younger brother. However because Poseidon can't control his emotions and the powers reliant on them, he isn't considered fit to rule over the entire Zenith Pantheon. Because of this, many suspect that Poseidon maybe actually jealous of Zeus and may have plans to overthrow Zeus in order to claim his rightful title. While it's no secret that Poseidon has some animosity towards Zeus and may have desires to want Zeus to lose his position, it's not because Poseidon wants Zeus' throne but instead he wants it to belong to somebody he feels more deserving. Regardless of the whole matter however, Poseidon is a strong believer of having strong family ties, another aspect Poseidon is famous for.

Kamoho Poseidon is a believer of strong family ties, the blood is thicker than water type. He firmly believes that one should be loyal to his family. While this is exemplified with how he treats his divine relatives, it is best exemplified with Poseidon's many mortal lovers and children. Like Zeus, Poseidon is known for seducing many mortal women and fathering many Demigods. Unlike Zeus however, Poseidon doesn't treat the various situations like one night stands. Poseidon makes an effort to protect and support the many families he creates. He treats them like how a responsible head of a large polygynous family takes care of their many relationships.

For the women that Poseidon falls in love with, he makes sure to love and protect them all equally. He makes sure that any woman he has had a relationship with is well taken cared for and protected. He lavishes them with all sorts of gifts from time to time. He makes sure that they are protected from any scrutiny their fellows may have. If anyone dares harm these women in any way, he makes sure they'll feel his wrath. While this sounds rather responsible for a God, it is not without it's downsides. Due to his many lovers and the new ones he usually takes, jealousy is bound and many have accused Poseidon of being unfaithful. He however claims that he equally loves them all as best as he can. For some women of some cultures, this is not a problem though some of them do have their woes. Another downside is that Poseidon's love has also been exploited occasionally. Many scrupulous gold diggers exploit Poseidon's love for them in order to live the good life or for other selfish desires.

For the children Poseidon fathers, his care for them is probably more pronounced than his love for his many lovers. He utterly adores and dotes on everyone of them. If anyone as so much harms one hair on any of his children, he goes on one of his fearful rampages to avenge them. He relentlessly hunts down any and all perpetrators who dare harm his children. In fact, his devotion to his children is so infamous that it has become common knowledge to everyone that harming one of Poseidon's children is a definite death sentence.

While Poseidon's papa wolf tendencies are something to be admired, his actions are sometimes not justified. Apart from all the damage he causes when angered, a number of his children are not exactly saints. In fact, some of them are just downright complete monsters either figuratively, literally, or sometimes both. This fact doesn't seem to faze Poseidon as he cares more for his children than the plight of those his children harmed. One of the most infamous of these children was a Cyclops who killed and ate any guest he received. When a famous hero blinded the Cyclops to save himself and his men, Poseidon's wrath against his son's attacker was so great that it lasted for years before the man could return home to his wife. Because of instances like this, many Gods have tried in vain to prevent Poseidon from avenging his many children. However, they can't just simply stop him as his actions fall under divine retribution.

As a compromise though, a divine law was passed long ago to limit at what point can Poseidon unleash his wrath and avenge his children. The basics of the law stipulate that he can't avenge his children if they are simply inflicted by wounds that are not major. In order words, something as little as being stung by a bee or being stabbed in a non-vital area does not warrant Poseidon's wrath. If they are given a major injury such as being crippled beyond repair or being reduced to a state of near death, Poseidon can unleash all hell. The problem with this law though is that the threshold for when Poseidon can avenge his children somewhat varies depending on the child. If the child is just simply a normal Demigod, Poseidon can unleash his wrath if their arms are torn off for example. However if the child is some sort of all powerful monster, only their death warrants Poseidon's wrath. Adding fuel to this problem is that while this law is well known, the exact details are not well known amongst mortals thus sometimes forcing them to be overcautious in what wounds they can inflict on Poseidon's children. As for Poseidon's own view in light of this law, he doesn't agree with it. Any injury inflicted on his children is a grave crime to him. However, he must follow the law nevertheless.

While Poseidon's devotion to his family is admirable especially for God, his greatest woe however is that other members of his family don't share his view as well. Due to the complexity of things, Poseidon's family sometimes clashes with one another. Depending on the situation, Poseidon either accuses one or all parties involved of being disloyal to the family. He often tries to be some sort of mitigator between all the parties but sometimes he just makes things worse. Worse of all, Poseidon is often torn apart on who to support since both sides of the conflict are his family. The one of who often puts Poseidon in this situation is usually none other than his brother Zeus himself. Zeus often does things that either hurts other members of their family or Poseidon himself. Poseidon often calls out on Zeus' actions, however he is unable to do anything outright as Poseidon is regardlessly loyal to Zeus because they are brothers. Because of this, Poseidon's animosity towards Zeus is rather great as he feels that Zeus is not best for their family. The support he has for the one he feels who should rightfully sit on the throne as "King of Gods" is thus even greater as Poseidon feels that this family member would take better care of their family.

Despite all his faults, Poseidon is still however a good God. If he wasn't, he wouldn't be one of the top members of the Zenith Pantheon. How he handles his duties and responsibilities is actually quite impressive in spite of everything. He punishes the wrong and rewards the righteous just like any other just God. He makes sure various oceans don't pose a threat to anyone living near them. He guides sailors when they are lost and often saves them personally if the situation calls for it. He maintains all sorts of sea life so that they won't die. He supervises the other water governing Gods so that they won't misuse their positions. All and all, an effective God beneficial to all life. It's just that Poseidon's faults get in the way and often overshadow what good he does.


• Like his brother, I combined Poseidon with the Hawaiian shark God Kamoho. Most of his description though comes from Poseidon due to being more famous. However being combined with Kamoho means that he is capable of transforming into a large shark.
• Part of his description and powers were also inspired by Whitebeard from One Piece such as the ability to move tectonic plates a la the movie 2012.
• The thing on his head is a laurel wreath made from coral.
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