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I haven't submitted anything in a while, have I?After speaking with MetarsusDemented via forum, I was inspired to create another universe entirely (that's 3 of 'em). I feel very connected to all my little worlds but this one feels.. right. Y'know? I think of each world as a different setting for my stories and artwork. While The Realm is a very mythological place, based off Dnd and our own legends and stories, this one will be where my more bizarre things like the Claar (who I've yet to introduce) and Saïyath here; and another world that I haven't mentioned on dA till now is more like our own, save for the magic and mythological creatures.

But without further ado, here's the first part to my new dimension of things!

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Saïyath (sa-ee-yath) is a Lotus. Lotus is the name of a race, and the only word their language has in common with our own. They are humans, except for their hair, eye and blood coloration. For a start their blood is blue (note Saïyath's purple lips and nails) and their main eye colors are Heliotrope, Aqua, and Gold; while their hair can be pink, white, black or blue. Of course, there are variations, as seen in Saïyath's magenta hair.

Saïyath was a SSTU (Special Situation Tactical Unit) agent, an extremely high-trained section of the Zyïn (her nation's name is Zyïax, or The Zyïn Democracy) and have functions similar to the NCS and SWAT. It is a paramilitary group for intervention in high-risk situations, crucial war missions and assassinations, as well as missions of defense, for example a terrorist, long term attack on a city when all else has failed.

A SSTU has various cybernetic implants but is also genetically enhanced. I'll cover those in detail later, but a SSTU has increased hormones, this means more endorphin, this means a near-infinite threshold of pain, just for starters. Enhanced strength and agility. Female SSTU agents are mainly buffed in agility (but they still have incredible strength), the military uses women in cases demanding agility and men in situations demanding strength. (All you 'extreme' feminists can SHUT UP, by the way, stop being so damn sensitive. Sorry, that's stupid.)

So yeah, I went off on a bit of a tangent there. Anyway, as I was saying. As Vixen once said about her own character:

"Everything about her radiates 'badass.' Even her skimpy outfit means she's badass."

Hopefully now you'll better understand why her government basically pissed themselves when she went rogue 2 years ago. About that.. you might think Saïyath's a bit young to be a SSTU agent, and you'd be half right. She was the youngest woman in history to join the Zyïn military, at the record-breaking age of 17 years old, well under the legal minimum age. However, the military couldn't pass up this chance. She has an extremely high IQ, around 165, as well as (as you can see) a very fit body, and
had been attending marksman (markswoman?) classes since the age of 12. She became a SSTU agent at the age of 20, and went mercenary 1 year later.

She hacked the tracking devices out of her equipment (not litterally) and 'quit' the miltary after a mission involving her killing a man. With whom she fell in love. Which explains it. This man was part of the mercenary group she later joined.

While the government doesn't know where she is, I won't say her location is 'shrouded with mystery' because as a rule of thumb, anyone who describes their character as 'shrouded in mystery' is full of sh*t. She joned a group of warriors whom I haven't
thought up a name for yet, and had many (inter-dimensional) adventures over the years which I'll likely write over the years as well.

Enough about her. Let's take a closer look at her equipment, shall we?

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Note the numvber/letter-code on the drawing. Numbers = equipment and letters = weapons.

1 - Generator This creates electro-magnetic energy used to power the rest of her equipment. It is connected to her heart and nerves, meaning that over using it can lead to heart failure. She'd need to do something foolhardy to over-use it though, say, fire her Electro-Magnetic Wave gun for 10 full minutes without a brake. It will try to shut down if

2 - Blood Temperature Regulation System No, this isn't just to cover her breasts. (She probably wouldn't care if her breasts were showing anyway, as her mind is very logical, and with her genetic enhancement and implants, clothing can only serve to slow her down) These are here because of the huge amount of blood that passes through the (male and female) nipples. The rings around her limbs are part of the same system. They're connected to arteries and big veins. As blood reaches them, it is pumped through them at high speed, then slowed down (so as to not elongate the circulatory system or change her blood pressure). As the blood passes through them, the rings can either heat or cool it, or do nothing. This means that despite the little clothing SSTU agents wear, they never get cold, and they don't get too hot during a battle, or in harsh weather conditions. It automatically calculates an ideal blood temperature, but can be controlled automatically, via telepathy.

3 - Helmet The helmet has many functions- thermal imaging, communication, x-ray visor, DNA-scanning, maps, all kinds of things. Like all her equipment, it is controlled psychotronically; it detects her volontary brain waves and translates them as commands.

4 - Genetic Enhancements For a start her skin is slightly harder. Not much, though.. it's only really noticeably in her feet and palms, and over her arteries. A thin, but strong, cartillage surrounds her vitals. Except the heart and brain, that could cause too much trouble. She is much more resistant to fire and heat. Her reflexes are highly augmented (but they were uncanny to begin with) and her immune system is extremely powerful and adapts very, very quickly.

5 - Hormone Regulation System You can see the little devices poking into her torso, where the pancreas is? There's one in each kidney, and several others poking deep into her brain. (Don't worry, she has an increased pain threshold) These control the production of adrenaline, and norepinephrine; and melatonin, dopamine, prolactin, and endomorphines, respectively. I won't bore you with paragraphs of medical science (look it up on wiki) but in a nutshell, this means she has more adrenaline (I trust you know what that is) at her disposal during a fight, is more focused, has a very strong immune system, is more graceful and agile, and feels less pain (but enough to realize she's wounded). If you're wondering why prolactin's there, it's because it neutralizes dopamine.

6 - Monitoring Screen Simple stuff, identification, monitering of blood pressure, temperature, hormones, etc. ..

A - Plasma Bow The Jedi have lightsabers. But they don't have bows! She does. It's basically a gun that fires elongated 'arrows' of plasma. When you grab the handle on the barrel, a megnetic strap attatches itself firmly to the metal in the SSTU agent's wrist. Then, you pull back on a 'bowstring' and release to fire. Why is this useful? It's a quick way to set the speed and range of the projectile,that's all.

B - Shaito Rocket Launcher This translates as 'Vespa Rocket Launcher'. This isn't actually where the rockets are fired from. The cylinder is an advanced electromagnet, around which the rockets hover before they are fired. Vespa (latin for 'wasp')
Rockets, named for the buzzing noise they make and for their ability to turn rapidly and hover (a vespa rocket can do a 180 degree turn and shoot off again nearly instantly) home in on their target and have enough fuel to fly 640km at 250km/h. They are propelled by their own electromagnetic and gravitational force.

C - Plasma Rifle/Automatic Plasma Rifle Your basic high-tech plasma assault rifle. It has immense kinetic energy and supersonic speed, and has an automatic and stream-shot mode.

D - Energy Sword No, it's not a lightsaber. It's not even light, and only comes in one color- white. How it's made? Very simple. All you have to do is compress a quasar and a quantum singularity into an 10 inch hilt. The hilt is heavy to give it a bit of a swing.

E - Other Weapons She has more equipment that isn't shown on the drawing. On her back she has an electromagnet that can 'hold' her weapons. She has a device that can create an energy shield around her. A gravity-repelent flight pack. A photon cannon on her left hand. A potent electromagnetic wave gun on the same hand. Grenades of different varieties.. she's armed to the teeth!

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Everything in here is © me.
Contact me at [email protected] if you want to use ANY of it. AT ALL. Got it?
Good. I have a metal eagle from a flag with a sharp beak, and I'm not afraid to use it.

Oh, and by the way, I made the font for the title from scratch.

Oh, and due to technical restrictions, I had to spell her name 'Saiyath' instead of 'Saïyath'. Her name is in fact 'Saïyath'.
There IS a differance, 'Sayath' is a boys name, and is pronounced say-eth while 'Saïyath', a girl's name, is pronounced
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