'Mistake' Havel Puppets Picture

'Mistake' Havel Play Puppets, 2006
Latex; fabric mache; wooden dowels; welding rods; fabrics; acrylic paints

You ever stop and wonder what Japanese puppets ( [link] ) would look like as Czech prisoners? Yeah, I know, you almost couldn't sleep for the night not knowing. Well - they're not pretty, but they worked for the cause. I never did get to see this show.


The Garden Party & Mistake
Vaclav Havel Festival
October 26 - November 19, 2006
A Production of Untitled Theater Co.#61

Performances at:
575 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, NY



Vaclav Havel (Playwright)
Isaac & Jennifer Rathbone (Directors)
Carol Rocamora & Tomas Rychetsky (Translation by)


Shalon Palmer (Puppet Designer/Sculptor)
Jay Scott (Lighting Designer)


Puppeteering by:
Alley Scott
Laura Stockton
Kristine Waters

Voice-Overs by:
Joe Beaudin
David Nelson

Mistake written by Vaclav Havel

Presented as the Pre-Show for The Garden Party during the Havel Festival

This opening short puppet play features prison mates in a "Punch & Judy" like conflict. Four prisoners
muddle their way through the daily ritual for a newcomer in the cellblock.


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