Bloody Roar, XGen OC: Thrax Picture

Name: Thrax
Status: Villain
Beast: Triceratops
Nationality: *Native* American

only trusts colleagues enough to work with them.
trusts in no one as a 'friend'. his brother can be friendly at times, only because he is good natured and wishes for thrax to come back.

Bataar is eventually the #1 enemy, but thrax dislikes virtually all involved with the WOC, including his brother, and even dislikes many of his own business partners with the ZLF. The only way he can stand to work with ZLF is through Edge's unit.

The story starts with two American Indian brothers. In their lifetimes, as the heritage of their tribe was diminishing, they both went their separate ways into the world. From a very young age, the knowledge passed down through many generations of their tribe taught that the life force of beasts was sacred. As a result, one brother underwent a beast power experiment. after the success, he inherited the beast power of the great North American Bison, and restored the value of the sacred beast power to all around him. However, as this news reached the other brother, who had developed more malevolent tendencies in recent years, he became envious and began to resent his brother. after the Exocorp incident 'from the last game' he was an elite militant renegade who aligned himself with Exocorp's founder. as a result, he was able to obtain some of the dinosaur dna beast power. Quickly recognizing the species as being indigenous to his homeland 'due to many tales of his ancestors coming across the bones of these great beasts', he quickly grabbed the Triceratops strain; a horned beast that was bigger and better than his brother's beast power in every way. With the remaining dna strains available, he quickly requested that they be put to use immediately. The other strains were used on his guardians. Erasing his former name, this man chose the name of a notorious mythological warrior 'Thrax' to emphasize his triumph over his brother. With that, Thrax started to clear his own path with an iron fist. He became a ruthless military leader serving in several nations ending with him as a world-class militant. there is only one problem; he underestimated the other zoanthropes who might object to his rule, and, as he found out, there were many.

fun fact: Triceratops actually really was indigenous to a lot of Native American land. Their bones are found throughout the American Northwest and Canada. Many native tribes of these areas almost certainly had come across these bones, and made legends about these great beasts.

Fun Fact: Thrax is known to have killed Slicer the dimetrodon 'one of the Paleo-zoanthropes from the previous story'.
Thrax has also been known to fatally wound (?) Bataar.

in a later storyline 8 years from the present one, there is no mention of the character, nor is there any trace of his existance
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