Ziion's new ref (unfinished) Picture

the new Ziion! mostly just bio updates but there ARE some appearance ones!
anyways here is his new details!

Full name: Ziion Kentari (pronounced Zee-on)
other names: Dragonboy, Z, pervert, whitey
Species: Dragon- Frost drake (with an ironic affiliation to fire... i CAN explain it...)
Age: immortal (his world ended when we was 9 and the new one began when he was 10)
sexuality: pansexual

Relations (siblings, parents e.c.t): BIOLOGICAL- Xendril Kentari RIFT LINKED- Geo and Dyrho
Mythological conditions: Immortal (reincarnation), riftborn, nephilim
Transformations: Angel form, demon form(has its own personality), Blazing wraith form and Destroyer form(but thats not technically him)

Personallity: Ziion is a guy who wants all the love! he easily gets jealous and vengeful and likes to keep everyone happy! he can be stupid at times but others he can be very observant and intelligent. he is a very sexual and flirty person and despite being in love he can still find the room to love hundreds of others the same amount! he has violent tendencies and will get wrathful at the tiniest of things if not turning into the big baby he is and running off to cry! he finds it hard to deal with rejection and can sometimes even hold a grudge for centuries! he is a very silly and laid back kinda person but can suddenly go serious from sexual puns and flirting in seconds and when he is serious he focuses almost 100%. when it crosses his mind violence is usually the best solution and despite years of watching is friends and loved ones die in front of him he doesn't get affected much due to his reincarnatory abilities that reset some of his memory when he dies.
Weaknesses: light, holy, non-leathal mind altering things, things that stop him jumping to reincarnation (like Zombification)
Powers: pyromancy, blood healing (blood heals others on contact), soul powers(making,destroying,taking and editing e.c.t), riftborn abilities and form transformation

Bethany(also his daughter)
Roxy (not his Daughter)

Scars and markings detail:
Chest scar- when he cut out his crystaline heart for someone he loved
lip scar- got in a fight with animals
scar on his manbits- got hit with an axe where no man ever should be hit with an axe!

god i hope thats good because all this thinking has fried my brain! if anyone wants to know anymore just ask and stuff!

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