HH: Hito Picture

★ Name: Wasureppoi Hito
★ Age: 17
★ Gender: Male
★ Date of Birth: August 25, 1994
★ Star Sign: Virgo
★ Blood Type: O+
★ Height: 6' 1"
★ Subject: Mythology
★ Homeroom: 2-C
★ Club: Arts and Crafts
★ Sport: Basketball
★ Likes & Dislikes:
- Strange and abstract things.
- Meeting new people.
- Nature.
- Kind and understanding people.
- Most foods.
- Art and music of most forms.
- Rain.
- Rude and bad people.
- Cold weather.
- Violence.
- Change in the world around him.
- Quiters.
★ Personality:
A kind, fun, and yet weird guy. Is willing to help out most if they need it. Even if that person wasn't the nicest to him before. Though for the fun of it he will jokingly pretend to not want anything to do with helping them. Though in the end he will break through that joking facade and help them. He doesn't like change for it sometimes will mean a hardship for him in the end of the change. Which most hardships sadden him right down to the core. Though not much will keep his happy yet weird mood down for long. Even if the event is truely saddening. He'll pull through no matter how sour it was, because he doesn't believe in being sad for long periods in ones life. He thinks it will get you no where at all in life. Though if he is saddened for a long period of time he will either sing or make a piece of artwork to try and cheer himself up. He also can be forgetful of a lot of things. Though most are just simple things. Soon enough he may just end up remembering it at the most awkward or convient moment. Though he also has a sort of bad twist. If change or anything else threatens something important to him he will turn into Mr. Depressive and Angry.
★ Biography:
Hito was born with a his right eye being mostly blind. Only able to see very faint outlines of objects he usually just covers it up with his hair or some sort of hat or bandana.

Hito grew up with his Mother and Father in Kyoto, Japan. His mother was an audio editer for a music industry, and his father was a sales manager for a clothing industry. Though for most of his childhood his father was the main one who raised him.

At the age of twelve he went through a dramatic change in his life. His mother had died in a car accident. She died on impact when another car collided with theirs. Hito, and his father made it out with minor injuries. This left Hito in a state of depression for almost two years. When he turned 15, his father told him that he'd get nowhere in life if he continued to be saddened. So Hito took his father's advice and changed his life around by trying to have a positive outlook on most things no matter how sour or sad they would be.

In order to keep his mother's memory alive he would look to the stars as if he was hoping that she was one of the stars up in the night sky. Soon it started to become a hobby, and insterest to look at the stars. He soon wanted to learn more about them, and decided to enroll himself into Hoshizora High.
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