Bjorn Picture

Last year in mythology class we had to make our own Myth with a hero in it! So i chose to base mine in Norse mythology!

The main hero was a young girl Named Faralda of a well respected Clan Willhelm. and this is her pet/mount Bjorn! he is an abnormally large grizzly bear.

This is how the story goes:

When men were still conquering the unknown land, their was a great hero named Sven Willhelm. One night the goddess/spirit of bears took the form of a human woman and Sven and the woman...(well you know ;] ) and when she gave birth, 9 months later she revealed her true identity to Sven, and told him that they must start a great clan, for one day they would have a member of their clan who would save all the known world. Hundreds of years had past, and Loki had been planning to unleash a fell beast upon the lands soon. A woman named Borghildr (her name means battle-maiden basically) was about to give birth. Thor knew of Loki's plans and made it so that when Borghildr gave birth, it would be a man and the strongest yet of Clan Willhelm. Loki found out, and made it so that the baby would be born a girl, and it worked. When Borghildr gave birth she named her daughter Faralda, after a magical horse in an old myth. Faralda had deep green eyes like the fresh spring forests, and fiery red/brown hair as wild as her spirit. When Faralda was at the age of 6 she heard older warriors talking about the right of passage the men in the clan must take at the age of 18. The writ was that they had to find a mother bear, kill her with no weapons and take one of her cubs as a prize. Faralda grew excited, and one night she snuck into the forest in search of a bear. Faralda had to fear and ventured tirelessly through the forest until she decided to rest against a big boulder for a few minutes. To her surprise, it wasn't a boulder, but an enormous grey/black bear. the bear lifted it's mighty paw and prepared to swat the small little girl. Faralda was so excited that she had found the bear, she ran under it and tried to hug it! but much to the bear's surprise, Faralda managed to crush the bear's rib cage and kill it. The little girl had no idea of her strength, but alls she knew was that she was going to be a warrior! she ventured into the bear's den and there was only one cub, it was a light brown bear with blue eyes, which even Faralda didn't know was possible. So in one arm the little girl held the cub, and in the other she dragged the dead mother bear home. In the morning Faralda was eager to show her clan what she had accomplished, however none believed her at first. Later the town elder said it was indeed true, nd that they must save the bear hide so Faralda may use it as armor when she is older.

12 years later on Faralda's 18th birthday armor was fashioned out of the mother bear pelt and she was finally allowed to use Bjorn as a mount. Since it was her first day as a warrior she was supposed to guard the town whilst the rest of her clan went on a hunting expedition. Thor grew angry in Asgard as he saw how successful a woman was becoming when it should have been a man, instead of directing his anger at Loki, he directed it at Faralda.

Faralda was standing idly outside of her village, toying with her brand new sword, when the earth before her began to quake. From far off she could hear the pounding of hoof beats. Over the hill came a large bull, it's breath was of winter and it's saliva was acid, the bull's hoof prints left flames in it's path. Faralda showed no signs of fear, but instead saw it as a test, unknowing of the fact Thor wanted to kill her.

As the bull drew near it charged straight for the young woman. as it came-closer she effortlessly grabbed onto it's horns and flipped it onto the ground. Before the bull could even get up she drew her sword and split it open from throat to tail. Faralda felt nothing but the thrill of killing such a large beast. Although she was a kind and smart woman, her knowledge was only of battle.

Faralda noticed the properties of the bull's saliva and saved some in a vial, she also noticed that it's blood was not crimson, but black. So Faralda soaked her bangs with its blood as a trophy, and took it's horns to be fashioned into the saddle she was making for Bjorn.

Blah blah when her clan got back they were happy and Thor was just more angry.

Blah blah Thor sent down a giant dragon, Faralda coated her blade with the acidic saliva and killed the dragon with it.

Blah blah, Faralda finds out that Thor (The god she worshiped the most because of his power) wanted her dead, and she gets angry.

blahblah everyone revers her as a hero, but she foolishly challenged Thor, and said that he feared her, and that is why he wanted her dead.

blah blah, Thor sends lighting beasts to kill her, and she kills one, but the other one ends up killing her.

blah blah, Thor says she is not allowed access to the Hall of Vallor, but she forces her way in anyways

Blah blah, the city made a statue in her honor

blah blah, Bjorn grew restless at the lost of his companion and soon he died, his spirit remaining to join Faralda in the after life


EDIT: I know in mythology Thor isn't ACTUALLY that much of a dick, I BLAME LOKI!
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