Okami Shinzo Kitsune Picture

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Name: Okami Shinzo Kitsune (wolf heart)
Alias: the silver fox
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Height: 6 foot
Weight: 130 pounds

Physical Appearance: Okami is a well built man with a wolf bite mark on the left curve of his neck where it turns into the shoulder, he has silver hair with amber eyes and a scar on his right cheek. Okami wears the normal Akatsuki cloak over his silver trench coat. The coat only reaches down to his waist. As well as a black sleeve less T-shirt, sandles, and black pants with kuni cases on both legs and calfs and four ninja tool pouches two on both hips and the other two over both butt cheeks on his waist, and he wears his head band on his forehead with the leaf symbol cut in the symbolic way of the Akatsuki. Just under his coat and his cloak sits his sword. With a Ninja katana it's hilt in orange and a little tail at the base of the hilt. Using real fur gathered from sasha herself over a long period of time. The blade it's self has an engraving of a kitsune all along the portion of the blade over the edge.

Personality: Okami is a free spirited person with a wild streak in him. he is a prankster at heart and he jokes with all the members of the Akatsuki no matter what rank they are, but he is serious when he needs to be and when he's in a fight he turns into a cold calculating killer and he has a peinsion for causing pain to his opponent if their from the leaf any where esle he well kill them as painless as possible, and when he's alone with his pet red fox Sasha he's a big softy and will kill anyone who tries to harm her.

Brief History: Okami was born to the ninja clan Kitsune, and he was taught their style of jutsu and Taijutsu, with his brother. When they trained he proved to be stronger than His brother. As he reached the age of nineteen he was given a fox kit he named Sasha as a gift and left the clan to explore the world a bit and when he returned two months later his clan had joined the leaf village and his father had become the clan leader, but his brother resented their father's decision. He resented their father even more when Okami was named heir to the clan. Okami's father gave Okami the fox summon contract to keep safe, no matter what happened. As a precaution in cause his brother tried something. So as a year or two went by Okami read the scroll and made a pact with the foxes. It was on Okami's 22nd birthday his father was arrested and put on trial for selling secrets to other villages. Admitting his guilt Okami knew his father was protecting the clan as a whole and demanded his father to be given a retrial. He even provided evidence that the charges were trumped up against his father, by his vindictive brother. But the leaf's judges would not listen, and still sentanced his father to death. Keeping the clan together he would take over as head of the clan to spite his brother. Watching his brother and the leaf's higher ups carefully Okami waited and biding his time. Another year would pass, When Okami finally got word that his brother and a few others within the village were heading to a secret meeting he would follow, when he left Okami had instructed the clan to leave the village in the middle of the night. He was right to order them to leave, because what he found there was disturbing. Leaders of various villages were selling secrets to one another and dealing in black market deals as well as slavery. Angry with his brother, and the elders he was with Okami attacked He managed to kill the elders of his village aNd a few others before the brothers clashed After a hellish battle with Denru, his brother okami was weak and near death. The village had gotten word of this battle as well as the murder of Denru and the elders that were with him. Okami didn't deny he killed them, and right before the anbu that were tasked with taking him in he slashed his headband marking himself as a rogue ninja used the last of his chakra to kill that squad before vanishing...Both him and kitsune clan were foxes in the shadows waiting for their chance to return stronger than ever.

Ninja Rank: Former Leaf Joinin
Home Village: Leaf
Home Clan:

Kekkei Genkai Name: The kistune clan have taijutsu & ninjustsu Kekkei Genkais.

Kitsune Nine-tailed phantom Sword
Fox style Taijutsu
Kitsune Ninjutsu

Kekkei Genkai Explanation: Kitsune Nine-tailed Phantom Sword: Being the son of the clan leader Okami was allowed to look through the clan records and he found this weapon style. It's an ancient styled used when the kitsunes were bandits. It was based off the mythological nine-tails, using nine points around the user for attack and defense. It's hard to master let alone use, as the user has to be aware of his surroundings in order for it to work. Each stance represents tails on a kitsune. This style was also the basis for Okami's two taijutsu styles in terms of stances. These attacks use okami's natural speed and chakra enhanced speed to attack with such speed it's hard for the human eye to follow let alone see. Uchiha's and huga's would be able to see the attacks coming, while high level ninjja with out their blood lines can see it as well. Special jounin and jounin only see the blurs of the attacks, anyone lower than that, can't see them. Anbu's would be able to see more than a blur but it's still hard to void them. Anbu leaders would be able to see the attacks and have a better chance at defending against them, would still have a hard time avoiding them. Sanin and kage level fighters can, will, and be able to see dodge and fend off the attacks with ease.

The fighting style okami's sword play uses is what he calls the phantom blade. He so named it such because of the speed of the attacks make it seem as though there is another sword there cutting them, like a ghost had just struck them.

Since this blade style was the base for the two taijutsu styles he can fluidly switch between them at will as he's fighting, flowing between them like water.

One tail: the basic stance and it is the center of the fighting style, and best for defense as it guards the user's central line.

Attacks: One tailed phantom blade, Nine hunting foxes: Taking a one handed attack stance with the tip facing forward, w2hile okami held the blade to his right. Then he begins the attack. To the human eye it looks as though it's a single stab but in fact it's nine. using his own natural speed okami's blade flies out nine times with the 9th attack being the one the enemy sees most of the time.

One tail, Cleaving Fox: Holding the blade in a reverse grip in his left hand with his right hand below it. this time using chakra enhanced speed okami tries to vanish from sight only to reappear to the human eye behind his target. Using both hands he slashes down diagonally, to cleave his foe in two.

Two tails: this stace is used for offense and uses wide and long reaching attacks from the left and right.

Two tailed phantom blade, Twin tail slash: Another attack that okami uses his speed to make it seem like he's only attacking once. There is no ready stance for this attack. using one hand okami makes two slashes at his opponent's middle while the second one is the one everyone can normally see clearly.

Two tailed Phantom blade, diving foxes: Is another two fold attack that combines okami's speed with his blade work. Again no ready stance. The first slash is a fast upper cut that is followed immediately by a downward cleave. The first strike is the phantom strike that's hard to see.

Three tails: three tails is balance of offense and defense while combining the stances of the first two stances.

Three tailed Phantom blade, Triple Defense: This defensive parry technique has okami take a kendo stance again. There are two variations of this defense, the front only, or the multiple enemy parry. Depending on the situation this stance allows okami to fend off three attacks at once, using chakra enhanced speed.

Three tailed phantom blade, triple fang: This attack is worked into the triple defense parry. Striking a single opponent three times in a triangle like pattern, or three opponents once.

Four tails: This stance is a four point offense and defense stance with points on the left and right, while, also focusing on over and underhand.

Four tailed phantom blade, whirlwind: This attack is meant for multiple opponents. Holding the blade in a reverse grip, he uses charkra enhanced speed here to do two tight spins covering a full 360 degrees around him.

Five tails: is the combination of the first and fourth stances to add in the defensive element.

Five tailed phantom blade, pentagram parry: Just like the triple defense parry but much more effective.

Six tails: Covers what the style calls the six rings off attack. Where the sword user uses diagonal slashes and cuts mixed in with vertical and horizontal.

six tailed phantom blade, crushing fangs: This attack attempts to mimic the bite of a fox. It's ready stance is okami holding the blade over his head tip pointing away from the opponent. Again for most only the last attack would be visible as he slashes six times in varying directions.

Seven tails: this stance yet again combines the first stance with the sixth.

Seven tailed Phantom blade, Counter fox: This attack is a parry & counter combo. Which means that is makes an opening for the user to counter immediately after parrying his opponent's strike. The parry with Okami is usually what most opponents see before their bodies react to the six slashes he cut into them using his blinding speed.

Eight tails: Now this stance is a both offensive and defensive style which uses the first stance's center defense with a left side defense.

Eight tailed phantom dance: This attack is a barrage of slashes, kicks, and punches using all of the taijutsu styles he has command of. This complex series of attacks is used in large groups of attackers allowing Okami to attack defend and retaliate all while, being constantly on the offensive.

Night tails: the most advanced stance this style has. It uses both the six rings of attack, and what is called the three circles of defense in the style by covering both the left, right and center of the user.

Nined tail Phantom blade, Nine Slashing foxes: This attack is the zstyles most deadly attack. The ready stance for this attack has okami holding the blade over his head his index and middle finger touching the blade near the tip, as the edge was pointed up at the sky. Using chakra enhanced speed in the slashes, all of them. it's hard to spot the last slash. Like the name says okami cut's his opponent nine times every slash aimed at a vital point.

Fox style Taijutsu: Fox Stance: Kitsune Trickery, Okami stands with his legs shoulder length apart with both arms acrossed his chest, right arm above his left, and both his hands are open look like he is going to claw them with his upper body hunched slightly.

Fox Stance: Kitsune Claws, in this stance Okami's left leg is out in front with his knee slightly bent while his right leg is strait back and both legs are shoulder length apart while his left arm out in front of him bent at the elbow diagnally across him hand open in like he has claws palm pointed out to his opponent, while his righ hand is held above his head palm facing his right and is open like his left hand, and when he takes this stance chakra claws come out from the tips of his fingers and they can slice through wood easily but anything harder they can't cut through it.

Fox Taijutsu, Dance of the Nine tails: This is the culmination of Okami's un armed combat style. It's a beautiful but extremely deadly and coordinated fighting style designed for multiple attackers and opponents. The style calls for constant movement, with a seemingly never ending flow of defensive, and offensive moves. it can be used against singular opponents as well.

Fire Style, Kitsune cannon: hand signs: Fox-Horse-Tiger
Okami fires a large fireball from his mouth in the shape of a fox head at a high rate of speed and explodes violently when it hits something solid.

Fire Style, Kamakasi Kitsune: hand signs: Fox-Horse-Tiger-Bat-Dragon
Okami shoots out a fox shaped fire that charges his opponent and tries to bite him or her, but when it does bite, or is struck it will explode, Okami can also make it explode remotely.

Fire Style, Kitsune bombs: hand signs: Fox-tiger-Rat
Okami fires from his mouth a barrage of small fire balls with the shape of a fox's head and explode when they hit something solid.

Fire Style, Massive Kitsune Torrent: Fox-Dragon-Tiger-bat-horse
Okami breaths out a giant stream of flames at his enemies hoping to roast them with it

Fire Style: Slashing fire fox: This jutsu is used in conjunction with okami's sword style. After the necessary hand signs the sword is wrapped in flaes and depending on the stance he's in determines how many slashes he unleashes. But he must use a purely offensive stance to use this jutsu.

Wind style, Sonic Bark: Fox-Rat-Horse-dragon
Okami makes a short barking sound as he fires out a strong gust of wind that tries to smash his opponent.

Wind Style, Fox barrier: hand signs: Fox-Horse-Rat
after Okami does the hand signs he claps his hands together and creates a adjustble dome around him that can deflect weapons.

wind style kisune wind blades: fox-rat-goat
okami uses his chakra to blast out blades of wind in an large guts to cut multiple enemies to pieces.

wind style Vixen screech: Fox-bull-rat-goat
okami unleashes a the call known as the vixen's scream which blasts out a long gust of crushing wind at his enemies (lasts for as long he can scream).

Wind style: Fox Devastator: This style has to be used with a purely offensive stance. Once the correct hand signs have been made wind will begin to circle the blade in a double helix from the base of the blade to the tip. When unleashed from from the sword being swung it unleashes a narrow cyclone in a ninety degree arc in front of him.

Strengths: expert weapons user: Self explanatory

Great speed: Self explanatory

Taijutsu: Okami spent his life when he was first taught how to use his blood line taijutsu, and thanks to his dedication he has mastered it in his eyes, but he still knows he can still improve upon it. He's rather proud of his skill in taijutsu, but he will never boast about it.

Incredible Flexibility: The kitsune's taijutsu demands a very flexible body to be able to use the movements and attacks flawlessly. Allowing Okami to bend and weave in ways most would nomrally never be able to.

Massive reserves of chakra: Okami's training also forced him to learn and use his clan's jutsu thus giving him the reserves he has to this day.

Weaknesses: Below average genjutsu and genjutsu defense: Okami never put much faith in using genjutsu or learning how to defend against it mostly due to Sasha being around to break him from the spell of the genjutsu.

the Bite: This old wound given to him, causes him pain when he blocks with that arm and when it's hit, making it hard for him to use that same arm hindering it's movements.

Not the brightest: When it comes to traps, fighting and taking care of Sasha he's fine but with a battle of wits he's sorely lacking in that area. So he's not the greatest tactician, making him easy to out smart.

List of Weaponry: 20 kuni, 20 shuriken, a pair tanto knives on his back with the hilts hidden under both his cloak and coat.

Kitsune Blade: a Ninja katana it's hilt in orange and a little tail at the base of the hilt. Using real fur gathered from sasha herself over a long period of time. The blade it's self has an engraving of a kitsune all along the portion of the blade over the edge.

Items(s): 20 paper bombs, 15 smoke bombs, six flash bombs, and twenty feet of ninja steel wire.


Summoning: Triple Rashōmon
Summoning: Rashōmon
Multi-Shadow clones
body flicker

Fire Release: Flame Bullet
Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning
Fire Release: Fire Dragon Bullet
Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique
Fire Release: Intelligent Hard Work
Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation

Fire Release: Shadow Clone [custom]: Is a fire style justsu that is like the lightning style, and earth style Shadow clones, but when the clone is 'killed' instead of poofing into smoke it explodes

Wind Release: Pressure Damage
Wind Release: Vacuum Wave
Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere
Wind Release: Vacuum Great Sphere
Wind Release: Gale Palm

Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave
Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique
Water Release: Water Encampment Wall
Water Release: Water Fang Bullet
Water Release: Water Colliding Wave
Water Release: Rising Water Slicer

Earth Release: Earth and Stone Dragon

Earth Release: Earth Dragon Bullet

Earth Release: Earth Flow River

Earth Release Shadow Clone

Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall


Chakra Enhanced Strength
Leaf Rising Wind
Leaf Great Whirlwind
Leaf Whirlwind
Leaf Gale
Shadow of the Dancing Leaf
Lion Combo
Clone Spinning Heel Drop

Liger Bomb


List of summons

Name of Summon: Hero Kitsune

Type: Fox

Abilities: Hero is a barrier fox. The barrier is a fire release jutsu, for a frontal attack only. When there is a jutsu that okami can't block with his other defensive jutsu, or to block another angle he can't cover.

Boss summon, or underling?: underling

Duration of summon time: two posts

Weaknesses: weapons, and water jutsu.

Strengths: defense

Effects on your character (if any): Creates a shield a fire that he can shift with the movements of his head.

Name of Summon: Stova Kitsune

Type: Fox

Abilities: Stova is Okami's second biggest and strongest fox making him a go to for combat. Stova's ability allows him to summon up flames from his gut in the form of Fire style great fire ball jutsu. And is often used with Okami as a combo partner

Boss summon, or underling?: underling

Duration of summon time: 5 posts

Weaknesses: weapons, and water jutsu and taijutsu.

Strengths: expert combat specialist.

Effects on your character (if any): none

Name of Summon: Taski & Verna

Type: Fennec foxes

Abilities: This two are a pair of twins, and they can create a barrier between themselves. But if one is taken out the other will vanish and they stay outside of the barrier in order to create it. It's a wind barrier that will try and shred everything that tries to enter it, or exit it. Only okami and his allies can enter or leave at any time, it also takes about two posts for it to fully form. The shape of the barrier is a oval shaped dome. they can only stretch it out between themselves about six to seven feet for it to be be effective any farther it becomes harder for them to hold it.

Boss summon, or underling?: Underling

Duration of summon time: Three posts

Weaknesses: Any form of combat

Strengths: Barriers

Effects on your character (if any): Adds a defensive field of wind around Okami.

Name of Summon: Fuma

Type: Fox

Abilities: Fuma is Okami's strongest summon and by far the largest. Standing at a forty five foot height. Fuma is completely fire proof, but she dislike water.

Her main strength falls in wind jutsu. Like the twins She can use the wind as a sort of barrier around her or to create a shockwave of wind around herself. But unlike the twins it takes her half the time to do it and she can stand in the center of it.

Though it may seem nasty but her saliva can heal minor wounds but anything fatal is a lost cause for her.

Boss summon, or underling?: Boss

Duration of summon time: 15 posts

Weaknesses: Water jutsu, and her size.

Strengths: Fast, agile and, quick thinking

Effects on your character (if any): Supplies Okami with a large wind source for fire and wind combo jutsu.

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