Marcus Ref Sheet Picture

Name: Marcus (The name Archie gave him, no last name)

Age: Best guess, 38. (He looks mid-twenties)

Gender: Male

Height: 6'0"

Species/Lore: Werewolf, also known as a lycanthrope (from the Greek "lukos" for "wolf" and "anthrōpos" meaning "man"), is a mythological human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or a wolf-like creature. Most often this transformation is attributed to the full moon, or magic and curses. Rarely however, one may be born as a werewolf, without the aid of such magic. References to Lycantropy date as far back as Greek and Roman literature, and don't contain many of the details that werewolf lore has now. Things like silver bullets being a werewolf's weakness was something Hollywood added in quite recently.

Powers: Marcus has the ability to shift into his were form at will, and does so based on his emotions. As such, it took him quite some time to master not shifting at the drop of a hat, though his control still wears thin under certain circumstances. Full moons do give him a bit of trouble, though whether that's a placebo effect or not is uncertain. His control over his form is at it's weakest on those nights and he prefers to stay to himself to avoid shifting and scaring any poor passerby (as well as trashing his clothes, that gets pretty annoying i'd imagine).
His shifted form gives him superhuman strength, agility, and senses, all while retaining his human mind. (Though he may act rather wolf-like during and just after his shift, depending on the duration and stress levels)
His human form retains some of the wolf attributes, mainly the keener senses, while his strength and speed can be equated to someone in their peak physical prime. He has somewhat grown acustomed to this now, and tries to keep a careful watch over his own actions and temper.
His healing abilities are slightly increased in human form, and more so in his were form, though he is by no means a "Wolverine."

Weaknesses: He is not weak against silver! (That's just what Hollywood wants you to believe!) He will be harmed by conventional weapons, though it takes a bit more to stop and kill him in his wereform. He also can't have much in the way of caffeine or chocolate, as it makes him nauseated, and the plant wolfsbane is a very strong repelent (not quite to the level of holy water to a demon, but getting there) He'll leave the room if at all possible, or hold his breath if he has to go by it. Brushing up against it burns his skin and leaves welts or worse, depending on the length of contact, and eating it could potentially kill him.

Personality: Has mainly a casual, laid back personality, but also keeps a careful reign on his temper and emotions. An easy person to get along with normally, as he tends to stay polite, he can still be a goof, especially when he's in a relaxed atmosphere.

History: Taken in by Archie at an early age, he knows very little about his own past.

Tattoo is located on his left shoulder, spreading to the left side of his upper back.
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